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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oleg Prodeus - The 13 review

Year : 2012
Genre : DarkPop / Goth Soft Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : Austria
Official site : > - here - <

Oleg Prodeus comes to you from the slim field shared by darkpop/soft goth rock warfare, riding an emotional inner - seriously?. - setting that is defined and revealed in undoubtedly successful fashion by an artist who is as complete and ripe as is his mere propensity to express mentioned qualities. It is evident that Mr. Prodeus has been doing this for a while, and his conveyment reigns resilient between an almost-embarrassingly - therefore : efficient - open stance AND a frightening stance. Ladies, this is the guy right here who is in seeeerious-serious love with you, but you can't be sure if he will kill himself or you or both if his love is not fulfilled. Love, of course, is art, and it is "just" a video game, - as your 3D life seems to be, eh? - but Prodeus definitely strikes me - SIC! - as an artist who has mastered his vocal craft with accordance to the inner experiences he probably has been going through.

The subject matta' of the LP almost entirely is based on the desire to have a legitimate partner, and this indeed is an essential challenge to be met in this particular video game. Once again : legitimate partner. Tame resentment is ubiquitous in Mr. Prodeus' pipes : equally tame, stalking and murderous - think of a cobra who promises that it will tell you The Answer if you kiss it - airy, soft, and packs an undoubtedly frightening and smartly repulsive vibe at the core. Do you know the legendary actor Rutger Hauer? Yes, Roy Betty from Blade Runner, AHUFdff4uH!!. And his portrayal of that highly frightening man in the movie Blind Side? Mr. Prodeus reminds me of that fictional character. Obtrusive, but much too impertinently charismatic and imposing to be informatively told to f*ck off, - in the movie, Ron Silver tells Rutger Hauer to do so, and it is Silver who looks miserable in the process with a tame Demigod expressing itself in front of him as passive retort - and OH!, so gentle with a spiritual cleaver. Similarly enough to the lethally effective behavior of Hauer in said exploitation-video classic, Prodeus shamelessly and pretty smartly adores AND tamely threatens the dream woman, - "I want to be your lover, to burn with you on fire, and I just want to kill you, to answer your desire" - have no doubt whatsoever that these are the exact kind of lines that turn beauty queens on to be honest, regardless how it is against the untold rules of music production to offer the rhyme pair "fire/desire" since 1936.  Read on the know more about the delivery.

The contribution demands much more attention than you would give for an everyday average Muse clone it seems to weigh in as at the first sight, and here is why : in my personal opinion, Oleg Prodeus does this vocal style even better and more successfully-, frighteningly than the fronter of Muse. I don't know the name of the fronter of Muse is nor I am particularly interested in it right now, yet that dude mainly reveals disillusionment with a torturous spiritual stance expressed in scattered whines, but not so with The Oleg Prodeus. This gentle(?)man is pretty frightening with his tame-extremes, and, what I like about the release greatly, is none other than the adept singing skills Prodeus has its disposal when he needs them. With great satisfaction I behold a release that is not characterized by an artist who wants to bath in his own voice all the time, but take mine and the bathtube-gimp's word for it that Prodeus can deliver legitimate clean singing, and he looks pretty good in his mid-range comfort zone : his voice is as successfully wide there, as it is tormented and fragile while his vocals stalk the dream woman.

All in all, I can't say enough words of admiration of Prodeus' vocals, because they are relentlessly and uncompromisingly honest. If you are THIS honest, no one will be particularly interested in how your voice itself sounds like, but, as hinted, Prodeus brings to the table legit mid-range melodic singing whenever need dictates. And it dictates, indeed : the release, in its anatomy, is fruitfully fixated on the compositional technique to entertain your receptors with exigent verse structures and highly adept chorus/hook work : no exception. I like the methods the disc is utilizing : notice the organic connections between verses and choruses throughout the songs. The opening track is an instant kill, luckily. Each and every song packs these elements, and I personally did not find a single section on the disc on which the fuel tank would have been offering a glimpse on the promise of a future dryness. This is a ripe, full value, complete body of darkpop/soft goth work, looking all good during its 55 minutes. As such : robust, too, limiting itself smartly before emerging beyond gargantuan PER.I.PHERIEs.

To wrap this up, let's take a look at the secondary-tier aspirations. As hinted throughout, the shape of music is darkpop/soft rock with a healthy dosage of Muse, - only better in my opinion - yet a tint of Depeche Mode, and Kidney Thieves also comes to mind, especially when Prodeus decides to reveal his Inner Hells openly : the rhetorical language he does that with is very reminiscent to that of Free Dominguez. Yes, Free Dominguez is a woman. But emotions don't have a dick, basafasfasdfash.

I like the production values of the disc : JUST sufficiently richly detailed, nothing as much as it would be an overkill to treat the ideas of the gravitational pull amidst, and never short of beneficiary ornamentic stimuli, either. The second track is a good example : notice the stable, lush fabric established. You can pick up a wide variety of instruments, ranging from nice Faith No More synths to pianos and full musculature bonfire acoustics. The third track is the hilarious antitheses of Modern Talking. I got it, I got it! This music is dark Modern Talking. This music is exquisite, tasteful poison with a special scent to it. This is the serenade music of Rutger Hauer. Highly recommended.

Check out Oleg Prodeus at his official site at : www.olegprodeus.com

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