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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neosis - Neosis review

Year : 2012
Genre : Junk Djent
Label : SAOL / H'Art / Zebralution
Origin : Switzerland
Rating : 7.5 / 10

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My heart is molten gold and its temper is butter, so I will be kind enough to reckon this disk from Switzerland as an interesting toy-take on Meshuggah metal, as opposed of dismissing it as a - to put it mildly - strangely produced disk. Neosis' debut is very hasty to outline the name of the game, which is - as already stated - toy-Meshuggah metal, the similar kind that the most popular djent bands are playing, too. The music shows no actual-, "soul-similarities" to its gargantuan inspirator, as neither does the premire UK Meshuggah fanband Tesseract or the premiere US based Meshuggah fanband Periphery.

These bands attempt to summon the basic character of the aspired music by playing largely mid-tempo, pretty much percussive guitar riffs, substituting the musical rabidity of the inspirator band with alternative metal and metalcore affectations in the "vocillist" context. So your sister likes it secretly, too. This is what Periphery, and Tesseract is doing, as well : on paper, they play "just" djent music, but, in reality, the current "popular" djent scene has its fair share of full scale pop-appeals in my opinion, as it now seems to be commonplace to whine in clean singing fashion to the djenting, all in the spirit of the emo ethos.

Neosis, with its hiiiiighly-highly cybernetic and scientifically fictional and fictionally scientific debut, also noticed this tendency. They have TWO sorrowful metalcore warriors valiantly whining along to the djenting in clean singing fashion, like the talented Spencer Sotelo of Periphery loves to do. This also is a record that sounds soooo fucking strange that it is a declaration of huge charisma on its own, and it is NO irony. Ladies and Gentlemen : BEHOLD the first


delivery. As miresable music critic I hereby deem this release much more significant than the debut of Periphery that which I refuse to review - unless you pay me 99 USD, that is - because I consider the release so staggeringly egotistical with its 70+ minutes of playtime, - oh. my. fucking. g. - that I'd need to research and attempt to popularize words first to express my related true and honest sentiments towards silhouetted profound atrocity. Before I start my tame rant on Periphery, please let me implement the read more link, you  bitch.

As suggested, I will have a tame rant on premiere US based Meshuggah fanband Periphery, because the debut of the Swiss band I write this review to you about, entirely belongs to the same clone-niche. Though Periphery sounds to me as a decent disco clone of Meshuggah, please notice - even admit - that the band does not actually come up with melodies, Spencer Sotelo is "just" a guy who can sign doubtless superbly AND with high octane power in high register, but let me assure you that he is allowed to do whatever the fuck he wants to do as long as he whines at the top of his lungs delivering the words of the given lyrics. It "just" happens to sound acceptable, even great sometimes, period. No pun intended. Other than that, I'm begging you, please get your head out of your ass - so you hear again, as a start - and reckon that the recent djent clean singing has zero melodic relevance, and that equally is as true to Periphery as it is to Tesseract. These singers attempt to sing like James LaBrie - asdfskfskPLLUCH!! look mom, there is carrot in it!! - from Dream Theater, even the powerless sigh - as sonic entity - is intact at the end of the sung lines. This is another reason I require 99 USD for a Periphery review, because Spencer Sotelo in my opinion does these "powerless trademark LaBrie sighs" at the end of the sung line so irritatingly that I suffer 1d6+2 nervous breakdowns on each occasion. And the album has about an infinite amount of these occasions, being an infinite, egotistical record at the first place. There is no doubt whatsoever that Periphery's Periphery is the most egotistical album I have heard so far.

But that's enough about the premiere US based Meshuggah fanband. The point simply was to let you know that this particular disk, Neoisis' Neosis belongs to the same school : acceptable computer-djenting - yes, there is no doubt it is sampled, and luckily, it instead chooses to embrace this - spiced up with whiny metalcore clean singing "here and there." The album has a Jens Kidman style-impersonator, too, his performance, luckily is not as shit as if it would be as if it were twice as shit as it actually is. His presence is quite low in the mix, but I like him there.

The debut sports a sober length of 48 minutes, and the BEST thing about it is the WORST thing about it : it sounds like junk, man. If you are serious about the djent genre, - yes, it is a genre in my book, and, if you don't like it then you really are breaking my heart you know - then I think you should definitely check this one out, because the sound of it is hilarious at most places, and that, of course, mainly is the result of the djenting guitars. They are simply hilariously and funnily : junk. Crazy-ass ancient robot-guitars being put on modern power surges.

Notice : take heed and know that you are very likely to conclude that I'm a deeply disturbed person for calling this good and sexy WHEN you hear the opening track. I have no idea why the opening track has been left on the disc, because that one is kiiiiiind of terribly mixed, in my opinion. But, funnily enough, the same kind of ethos slowly and surely reaches an acceptable rendition of its mere attributes by the time of the second track of the disk. This will sounds strange, but - the album sounds like the muffled impacts of basketballs in the distance. It, in my opinion, becomes very likable after a while, and registers as stimuli that is very easy to enjoy and to rock out to. I somehow find the metalcore clean singing on it tolerable, too, because it does not take itself so dramatically/deathly serious as Periphery's Spencer Sotelo sounds to, most of the time. In my opinion, of course.

Once again, this sounds to me as a start of a new micro genre, - junk djent - "djunk" djent - probably not as the result of pure intention, but, as the result of a lower production budget. If you are any kind of a djentchick, I'd definitely recommend to check this one out. As far as scoring, it has to be realistic - I just told you a joke - and needs to reflect the pseudo-mediocre production values, which though make the release so likable with all its "flaws". Originally I wanted to give this LP a 6.9, and now I can't get myself into anything less than 7.5, because I'd pick this any day over the new Megadeth cabaret-thrash album.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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