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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Cages - In Cages EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Alternative Indie Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

In Cages is a Hillsdale-, New Jersey based ensemble composed of artists that already have an extensive career at playing live, - with pauses between gigs, you know? - and it is of no wonder that the band already is booked for numerous independent festivals of current year. (Digable Arts Festival, Le Grande Fromage, David & Goliath music series, Cupcake Festival to name a few.)

The self titled debut EP of this band contains four tracks that are super-efficient at conveying old school alternative rock with tasteful, restrained-but-powerful singing and musical vibes that are highly compatible with a rainy day if you have someone to hug unto in the process. The same goes for ill tempered grizzly bears. Read on to know more about this passable, ultra-orthodox alternative rock delivery.

In Cages is the unconditional fan of the Nirvana Unplugged ethos that characterized the mid '90s, even the singer sounds to incorporate a tint of the rasp that Kurt Cobain is notorious for, but I would not at all call the performance of the lead singer all that much fanboyish, it "just" resonates true admiration towards Cobain's style.

The songs are straightforward-, play-it-safe-Sam alternative rock pills with zero capacity OR desire to surprise, they instead trustily plod along the harmonic passages that popculture already has engraved in your CNS, so it is guaranteed that you will plod your head to it in a live environment so it is all the more risky to drink your beer in the process to rebel against your own behavior by.

There is a lady with a cello to add that extra OH!, so alternative!1 color to the fray, and it, guess what : it adds that OH!, so alternative!1 color to the fray indeed. I'm not too content with some utilization of harmonic workings throughout the EP, - the concluding track is a pretty shameless exploitation of radio friendly narratives, in my opinion - yet, the band manages to capture the emotional peaks of the 1992 grunge/alternative era with "certain" other songs : you don't have much space to suggest stuff around if there is only four songs on offer. I'm talking about the second one, as this is the definite peak in the body of the album in my opinion, with a nice alternative anatomy for both the verse and the chorus, even better : the band members do sign on for an impressive, intense jam session in the middle to deviate from the gravitational pull, so their triumphant - HICK! - return to it emerges as noteworthy. Third track, "Walk Away" is Pearl jam's "Alive" from an alternative universe The Beatles, in which Paul McCartney invented grunge rock. Sounds scary? Nah. It sounds as you would : "Imagine".

Check out this trusty alternative rock formation at their official site > - here - <.

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