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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Putrescent Secretancy - Reconfiguration of Reality review

Year : 2011
Genre : Death Metal
Origin : United States
Label : Independent
Rating : 8.8 / 10

Independent death - hah! - group Putrescent Secretancy rumbles out with an LP that proudly sports disturbing enough of a cover to smuggle a covert smile under the hood of Emperor Palpatine, and the music on it is JUST the type of content you probably have longed for in case the artwork catches your interest, you perverted cosmic schmuck.

Reconfiguration of Reality packs 47 minutes of slickly written, superbly produced death metal, and it also is the deeply humorless kind of it with exactly zero desire - or tolerance, for the matter - towards attaining comfortable accessibility and all other chickenboy-sentiments of the similar sort. Fortunately, the exclusive invitees to this series of blistering-, good old fashioned inner private beatings are the monstrous sonic reflections of a decoded existence that accepts no comfort. These avid aural monstrosities are radiating their relentless character through their passionately shared/cultivated mega-angst and disillusionment-wizardry, which, not surprisingly, also comes to crush you proper as the record's main-, pretty much ONLY behavioral strategy. Thank God & Co. - including the band, logically enough - for that, because the direction of the death metal Putrescent Secretancy is into, IS a superbly thrilling style to subject silence to myriads and myriads of creative deaths with, har! har! har!

The record is a constant aural outburst with virtually no two identical sequences present on it, and, granted that the sequences are strong enough - and they absolutely are, Ladies and miserable Gents - then this probably is the most-, the exact stuff you could ever want to experience during a fine death release. The stimuli on Putrescent Secretancy's latest spin surfaces up from such a terribly ugly psychic place which only a creature with its wanted poster littered around Hell would want to hang out at, and, as such, this release is one of the premiere choices you can suck out your private black holes with in order to subject them to more sober scrutiny. Or vice versa. Read on, or keep on reading.

Manic, constant variation and a properly faceless kind of riffing are key factors herein. The riffs are faceless in the sense that they do not even seek to deliver a pattern for you that you can comfortably relate to, as is common to a less rabid musical dialect. They instead follow a relentless and ALWAYS clearly successful agenda to paint random aural demons on the empty canvas that is expressed through the ultimately musical canvas-body of perfect silence - ah, I feel I have a great moment now, sip! sip! - and the listening experience gets realized by the "mere fact" that you do not really have ANYTHING to grasp unto, because everything you COULD grasp unto, is out to tear a healthy chunk out of your sorry hide. This kind of music, make no mistake, is one of the hardest kind to create for sure, because a band has to be mad serious about flattering chaos in a way so blind potentiality As It Is does not dismiss them with a series of Norris-type flying roundhouse kicks to the face. When this musical strategy is taken to the steepest extremes, the result truly is magical, and it is safe to say that Putrescent Secretancy takes death metal with vocals as much away as it is possible, and, frankly, there is nothing else too much to be added to this via words, because some things are not meant to be (solely) talked or (solely) read about. Some things are meant to be heard first, and this record is one of those things. If you are a death metal fan, you need to check this out as soon as possible. If you are not a death fan, then you truly should feel robbed out of your time right now. Have a nice day for someone.

Rating : 8.8 / 10

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