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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blotted Science - The Animation of Entomology review

Year : 2011
Genre : Instrumental Experimental Technical Death Metal
Label : EclecticElectric
Origin : United States
Rating : 10 / 10

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If you think you have heard wickedly complex music before, supergroup Blotted Science is about to utterly shatter your definition of it. Alex Webster on bass, (Cannibal Corpse, ex-Hate Eternal) Hannes Grossmann on drums (Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) and Ron Jarzombek (Gordian Knot) on guitars deliver an EP that is a true privilege to listen to, because it is 25 minutes of madness-level experimental beauty, orchestrated to instruments of thick grit that are ready and able - and eager, too - to rumble, to caress, to smash, to assuage, to : exquisitely entertain.

For the first time ever, this here diligently nihilistic - !¿?! - music review site Noiseshaft has no other chance than to give maximum points (at minimum) and bow down with religious awe to the mighty, triumphant beauty of the organized fractal chaos this supergroup has summoned via what must have been an aeon or two of heavy duty work. Blotted Science is 25 minutes of melodic technical breaks, interrupted / followed / contained by yet another dosage of melodic technical breaks. What possibly could be the result of 25 minutes of melodic technical breaks, one could ask. Well, the result is that you will be thrown to the highly questionable but not at all stale care of Mr. Phractal K. Oss, and, once you decide that you listen to him instead of chickening out like a little bitch, you will realize that the epitome of the millisecond to get safely bored by, is not a member of this robust sonic domain. Plug yourself in ASAP, because this right here is the extreme music with full blown capacity to remap your nervous system. Read on to find out how this record will claim your attention as its own via pure brilliance and ruthless efficiency.

The name of the game herein is complexity, complexity and complexity. There is nothing else on this EP. It is "just" pure complexity, administered/revealed by a smartly researched layered sonic strategy that bombards your receptors on three main frequencies. First, you have the rumble, courtesy of crazy-ass specter-rhythm guitars and the squad leada' bass, each disciplined and commanded by stellar drum performance. In the higher frequencies, the EP has a comfy operational field established to liquified solo (synth / guitar) work that gets complimented as - uuuuhm - stuff happens. The only rule the EP remains faithful to, is to eradicate all of those at the first place, declaring brand new ones along its triumphant way of rampant progression.

As for the third channel the release happens along, it has more to do with its primer tactics to keep your awareness engaged. (Having no position given to refuse.) Blotted Science, in character, shows similarities with experimental music that is conceived to glorify each and every notes of western music, and it seems pretty safe to say that Arnold Schönberg, one of the most prominent supergurus of atonal music, also is a very happy man if and when he listens to this release, and I suspect he secretly does, right at this moment. Yet, Blotted Science surpasses the "rules" of atonality in a sense that it is on a constant, relentless mission to seek out and kiss the PATTERN that is worth entertaining to a point from which on it is a declaration to let it drop dead.

Blotted Science does not at all lose any of its type of constant intensity in case it chooses to relentlessly abuse every note in rapid succession, and the reason for this is the band's ubiquitous ability to form decipherable musical patterns for FUN-, and for a SECOND, and they do all this so they can let it collapse and look for another, right after inspection. This aspect of building superb patterns for the consorting fun of blasting it away with another, is primer element on this release, and also the aspect that makes this record a stellar delivery. The music that happens herein is beyond words, and that exactly where music worth listening to, starts.

One could attempt and approach the gigantic sonic matter herein from a dozen other verbal directions, but what the point of that would be? This release is not 25 minutes of extreme music. Instead, courtesy of its immense complexity, this is 25 minutes of infinity. If you did not yet grind the drift here, then let me tell you this : Blotted Science is pure brilliance, and I don't see how music could want to get more serious and exigent than this. 10 / 10. At minimum.

Rating : 10 / 10

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  1. Great review, Groundbreaking album!

    "This release is not 25 minutes of extreme music. Instead, courtesy of its immense complexity, this is 25 minutes of infinity."

  2. Thank you for your comment. Glad you found the review useful. I agree with you, this is a very significant album, and it raises the bar tremendously.


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