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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lich King - Super Retro Thrash review

Year : 2011
Genre : 8-bit Thrash Metal
Label : StormSpell Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 8.0 / 10

Lich King - this is what I call a perfect band name AND a perfect cover art, to be honest - comes out with the first 8-bit thrash metal full length, and the results are outright hilarious : ever wondered how your first generation Nintendo Entertainment System would fare in resonating metal that has no less of an agenda than to waste stuff on sight for the sheer fun of it?

Among other truly relevant things and motor synapses it has created in millions and millions of nervous systems living on the face of Gaia, NES also has its immense and timeless musical heritage, - the Super Mario theme is a piece of music perfectly suitable to send out into space to contact little green spacemonkeys with - and now these classical 8-bit sound generator algorithms are ignited on top capacity to bring you absolutely SOLID thrash metal, in its architectural character. Read on to find out how your Super Mario 8-bit Thrash Lich King emerges to invade your soul to claim it as its own for the sake of highly radical private amusements.

Lich King's 8-bit thrash is rampantly old school - sorry?? - and fluently varied, and the primer fixations of the release, fortunately enough, are coming your way on the respective registers of maximum level thrash-, and menacing mid-tempo attack modes. There are no pauses here in the almighty body of the 8-bit mindfuck, and, to be frank, no one needs them, either. The tracks follow the classic thrashy compositional techniques, yielding declarations that reveal complex 8-bit sonic architectures, and one caveat that is quick to reveal its doings is the band's decision to administer the majority of the dosage on the same aural frequency. At least, it sounds to me that the tracks are immensely fixated on the low E string, which, of course, is a MUST to be fixated upon as a manic guitar molester, but, in my opinion, it is advisable to ATTEMPT to hide this fixation, and not get all too much relied on it.

Apart from this though, as it is stated on the album's back, all songs are awesome, and this is not a blatant exaggeration at all, saved for one other qualm - as extra - that needs to be addressed. The songs indeed are legit, old school thrash builds, yet the album features a very limited amount of lead work, - crazy-ass solos, for example, which I wished for greatly - in fact, almost none. The next Lich King installment, if the band decides to stick with this hilarious 8-bit thrash direction, will demand thrashing solos, for sure.

Lich King's Super Retro Thrash has tremendous charm and an unprecedented degree of sonic shock value, and it is a good idea to take in just one or two pills at a time, so the release has its chance to communicate the content along the same fresh 8-bit vibe, eliminating the feeling of the "E" fixation during a listen that follows up a gap.

Rating : 8.0 / 10

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