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Friday, December 29, 2017

Jazzgroupiez - millinaissance EP review

Year : 2017
Genre : Chillout
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site: > - here - <

Jazzgroupiez's millinaissance EP is the result of a solid, well researched genre-consortium that emerges successful at establishing organic connections amidst the reverberating tints of vinyl-based smooth jazz and more modernistic, loop-based fascinations that seek no urge whatsoever to deviate from the super-submissive gravitational pull of extremely mellow chillout. The EP's strongest point lies in its insistence of adhering to a set of very clearly declared stylistic constraints, as these four + one-, brief statements of jazzy/moody breeze all express and saturate a love so deeply felt for the genre, that the listener feels as if the mere flow of time would face a challenge enduring the exhibition of one given idea, such is its notable urge to move on to caress the next one at last.

This relative haste is covertly/efficiently mitigated by a certain technique, which is permeating the effort: the EP has a keen sense of what it wants to "hunt" for in a given melodic statement, therefore it often utilizes the tactic of taking out a chunk of melodic happening/occurrence from an originally more complex pattern/melodic sequence, and it casts various harmonic lights unto the given shape, and gives you apt opportunity to observe and heed the given result with intense scrutiny. But no further agenda is embedded or hidden herein, as really, you are here exactly for the result that you are being shown already. Nothing further to see here, let's move on, shall we? - proposes the disc. Which is a reoccurring gesture that forms the basis of operation of this record. Thus, the brief playtime of these elegant entries makes more and more sense as the listener progresses on with the EP, as the creators save you the "usual hassle" of convincing you that they INDEED have came up with patterns of relevance, since they already know that they did indeed, and, even better: they know you will know and notice that, too, provided you have competent enough ears to come to said-, inevitable conclusions.

In this context, the millinaissance EP is a collection of 4 + 1 interesting experiments that seek to achieve the same effect of super-mellow auditory intrigue via the most fundamental-, and, therefore, most primordial machinations of moody smooth jazz, and the show isn't reaching an end upon completion, as the disc reaches its beginning once more without you noticing, and you find yourself on it once again, with even more curiosity.

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