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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jim Levatte - This Ain't My Day track review

Year : 2016
Genre : Country with a Redneck Rampage tint
Origin : United States

On the surface, Jim Levatte's single "Ain't My Day" is the picture perfect representation of the most prominent redneck ballads, yet, your host is both reckless and inventive enough as to spill nitro instead of family friendly orange juice on the well behaved parade. Levatte prefers well placed, elegant irony over sunset-supported hay-sentimentalism, and challenges the redneck ethos, as opposed of being a mere-, helpless, submissive participant and observer to it.

The production choices reign in a safe spot between shotgun-grade southern rock and retirement-home pleasantries, making the track a candidate for an immediate revisit upon completion. Read on to know more.

Do you know the Guns 'N Roses song "Breakdown"? Anatomically, Jim Levatte's effort shows a greal deal of similarities with said declaration, particularly in the context of the harmonic structures and the evoked emotions. This track is more exploitative though, - which now is a compliment - as it exhibits an almost undeniable urge to deliver a status report AND call it a day ASAP, a decision that serves the longevity of the track even as a first time encounter.

Country is a great-, but uncompromisingly pretentious genre at its heart, and this pretentiousness is the sole reason that the style also reigns as a timeless one. Because pretentiousness rarely goes out of fashion. < -  Pro Tip! You are simply not supposed to say and do SOME things in country, because folks surely will give you a slanted look, and/or a good old fashion beating for bonus good measure.

Levatte knows all the tropes of the genre, thereby the reason he embarks on a journey to see the depth of the curvey mirror the redneck ethos is STILL willing to scrutinize itself in: a brave and a hilarious agenda. Had he come out with a full length fueled by the same intention, he easily could be to country what Steel Panther is to hair metal. As such, based on this track alone, Jim Levatte definitely has found a legitimate type of rhetorics to resonate through, and one remains curious to see if the artist will have enough content under his belt to fill a full length declaration with.

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