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Monday, August 22, 2016

Heavy Star - Electric Overdrive review

Year : 2016
Genre : Heavy Metal with a Rock & Roll tint
Origin : Italy

Italy's Heavy Star brings a super-traditional method to the metal, through which a deep appreciation of the most classical and well-founded genre-tropes are observable.

Times are not seldom when the disc evokes feelings and sentiments reminiscent to those meticulously established by the original glam metal era of the '90s, only-, and THIS is a BIGASS only: there is a more eloquent definition of BALLS on display, and this consideration, luckily, is of key importance - both in the context of intensity and compositional techniques. As such, a good amount of the content will revolve around the longing for the quintessential woman. Which is perfectly valid, as there is not much else worth longing for while occupying a male body or two, anyway.

The songfract is everything in this style, and this time, it is channeled according to the strict-, yet imaginatively interpreted-, ingrained rules of the game. The band does not seek to re-invent the steel, as they are perfectly aware that it is working trustily, and they came merely to wield it. With a soberly paced flow optimized for 8 hefty declarations of elegantly concealed romance, Heavy Star is truly having a blast showcasing mature variations on this hilariously sexist - therefore fun - brand of metal, administering it with apt skills showcased in their collective acumen. Read on to know more.

The soundbeds are both gritty and comfy, the rhythm guitars are out to tease, instead of seeking to kill on sight, and pretty much all variations of structure are happening with the intention of keeping a constant flow/pulsation intact at all times while taking it through a diverse set of the adjacent sonic domains.

The lead vocalists deliver a truly admirable job, giving everything and then some more to belt true life into these statements, and it is safe to say that their pipes have enough heft and juice as to make the surrounding sounds bend to their will. Mixingwise, it is nice to hear and see that the vocal arrangements do not seek to dominate the environment, instead, they flow on the top of sounds as central elements, with no noticeable effect-wizardy unleashed upon them. Most of the time, the most fantastic effect on vocals is: the "none at all, GTFO" effect.

The guitar solos demand separate mentioning, as the guy on the primal axe solos like there is no tomorrow, giving tEh Michael Angelo Batio a thorough run for his money even when on war steroids. The solos are articulate, extremely speedy, and exhibit true artistic vision despite the relentless urge to shred almost insatiably.

All in all, an optimally super-traditional heavy metal release that is able to cast fresh, new lights on one of the timeless sub-genres of metal, pulling this feat off in the constant presence of collective musical imagination. The disc knows exactly what it wants to do, and this is the reason that it can execute it with picture perfect accuracy.

The review concludes with the official background information pertaining to this band.

The massive sound of HEAVY STAR makes you go back to the heyday of metal-rock: the days when bands like Ratt, Skid Row, Tesla, Def Leppard, Black N' Blue and KISS (of course!) where at the top of music charts worldwide. And yet, it has hints of more modern European influences, like Gotthard and Eclipse.

HEAVY STAR was formed at the beginning of 2014. Originally only intended as a four-piece outfit, it was founded by guitarist Marco ‘K-Ace’. 

Mr. K-Ace intentions were to bring back that certain aggressive sound of the '80's and '90's, chockfull of melody and yet supercharged with razor-sharp guitars, wrecking-ball drumming and gutsy, daring vocals. 

In order to achieve this, he enlisted a selection of Italian metal heavyweights, such as Albert Fish of Midnight Sin (vocals), Roberto Biaggioni (bass), Mauro Money of Bang Out (drums) and, ultimately, Danny Slade of Skull Daze as an additional guitarist.

Marco himself has a long and varied experience, starting with historical Mayhem, one of the seminal glam-metal bands out of Italy (whose recordings have been recently re-released on vinyl). Marco K-Ace also played in the orchestra of RAI (Italian prime TV network), and he collaborated with Chris Catena on his debut album Freak Out (along with artists like Glenn Hughes, John Lawton, Bernie Marsden, Dave Meniketti, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, and more...), while honing his chops with several choice tribute and cover bands in his native Rome.

Writing and production for the album was done together with producer and longtime-friend Ray Sperlonga in his Rosary Lane recording studio in Rome. Recorded with both analog and digital techniques, mixed by Capasso and Sperlonga, the album was then mastered digitally by Fabio Lanciotti.
Work on the album was completed in October 2015.
HEAVY STAR! A much -needed return to rock n' roll top classic form! Burn it up, burn it high, baby... the Star is rising!

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