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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Charles Wright - Something to Make You Feel Good review

Year : 2016
Genre : Soul, R & B with a Funk flavor
Label : Miles High Productions
Origin : United States
Official site: >here<

R & B veteran Charles Wright invites you to an exquisite listening session characterized by undeniable authenticity and a lifetime of bluesfunk experience.

On the surface, the productin ethos of the effort openly and optimally embraces the best traditions of the Motown-school of music, yet the shape of the stimuli is uncompromising "sweet" blues at heart, spiced up by a moody breeze of excellent funk flavors. The disc is not here to bring you down, it is something to make you feel good.

With the efficient help of this inventive agenda, the full length finds itself in the highly beneficial position of harvesting AND exploiting the hidden irony in blues: with song titles like "Looking for an Ugly Woman", and "I got feelings, too" - I don't know if I ever heard badasser and more ironic titles for blues tracks, to be honest - you instinctly know that you are into something special, and Wright won't disappoint in delivering the goodies throughout the spin. Read on to know more.

As noted, the musical backdrop is rich, nicely shaped and assuagingly mellow in its mood, and it gets lovingly slapped around a bit with picture-perfect funk vibes for good measure. The cherry on top is Wright's vocal delivery. He has great pipes at his disposal, while the intention behind the vocal delivery usually is to tell a tale/to weigh in on a timeless life-issue in the context of a sitrep, as opposed to command the stars down with the mere power of the singing-, let alone to channel the morose tints of blues.

The album strategically rejects the everyday average tropes of blues, - you know, "woke up this mauning, foummababy left, yeah, for she don't lumminommo" - while still caressing the timeless face of the blues until it puts a forgiving smile on it.

But the case is not always such: Charles Wright can sing like there is no tomorrow, as well, exhibiting an excellent control of belting and emotional convince power. He exercises massive talent and maturity at delivering powerful voices with commandable emotion and an optimally visceral/animalistic grit, counterpointing these extreme dynamics with a much more playful behavior that won't refrain from anything until the result is able to take a sweet toll of emotion from you.

As such, Wright primarily is playful and loving in his singing conduct, and, even better, the album finds tremendous success in its structure to bow to the will of the compositions without unwanted elements littering their excellent primal anatomies. While I personally have nothing at all against solos, - not even against the "Look mom what I can do!"-type solos - this disc is very wise to not feature any. The songs never overstay their welcome, quite the contrary: sometimes a track is wrapped up rather abruptly - but this is an instant inspiration to revisit the given effort, just to see if they will decide to prolong it some more THAT time. (Yes, that was a joke, and I'm sorry.)

The disc reflects a deeply personal-, yet very relatable collage of outlooks on life's premiere points of gravitational pull, always pinpointing the irony/black humour amidst these fields of inspection that every human being has to sink some souls in throughout an experience packet some call life.

An immaculately authentic, very lovable R & B record with eloquent tints of funk, for it was made of pure love by a veteran who has nothing more to learn about music except of giving it. Which now he does again.

Check out the album here.

Los Angeles, CA — Charles Wright, soul music legend, author, and founding member of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band has released a new single, “She Don’t Believe in Love” from his forthcoming solo album, Something to Make You Feel Good. The single’s accompanying music video will be released soon via Charles Wright’s official YouTube channel. This single from the writer of the 70’s hit “Express Yourself” features a funky blend of classic and contemporary sounds that will excite new old and new fans.

Set to release on April 15th, Charles Wright’s newest effort, Something to Make You Feel Good is one of the year’s most anticipated soul/funk/R&B albums. The 13 tracks showcase Charles’ legendary songwriting as well as his understated guitar lines and vocals. The lead single “She Don’t Believe in Love” is storytelling of a relationship and their attempts to reconcile their love. Wright conveys the pain of this situation not only through percussive guitars but also through his expressive vocals, which shine in a way that belies Wright’s fifty-year career in the music industry. The album will be released on Charles’ own label, A Million $ Worth Of Memories Records.

With the release of his first autobiography in a planned series of memoirs earlier this year, Charles Wright has become a critically acclaimed author. The book, entitled “Up From Where We’ve Come” tells the story of Wright’s upbringing in rural Mississippi in the 1940’s and early 1950’s. Howard Dukes of Soul Tracks raves that even though the book’s focus is removed from Wright’s music, “the story that he has to tell sings in its own way.”

You can find the book on Amazon or at ExpressYourself.net

About Charles Wright:

Best known as the leader of `70s soul group The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and the composer of the enduring R&B smash “Express Yourself,” Charles Wright has evolved into a tireless watchdog of African American history. In the 1960’s and 70’s Charles Wright recorded five LPs with The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and one solo LP for Warner Bros. (Poetry & Rhythm – 1972) followed by three for ABC-Dunhill. In the `90s, Wright started his own label, A Million Dollars’ Worth of Memories Records, which has released 10 albums of Charles’ music. In addition, Charles possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience and anecdotes — humorous to profound — that make him a compelling personality for interviews, panels and multi-media platforms.

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