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Monday, July 25, 2016

Angie and the Deserters - Country Radio track review

Year : 2016
Genre : Southern Rock
Origin : United States
Official site: >-here-<

Based on their single "Country Radio", Angie and the Deserters will bring you a full fledged southern rock release coated in the OH!, so sweet stench of gasoline, reeking the persistent mood of a trusty crowbar parking in a crocodile. The song bombards you with clear guitars that find tremendous joy rocking out on military-grade steroids, while the anatomy of the song emits tremendous charm as it finds inventive methods to accentuate its most prominent attributes.

Crude-, yet undeniable elegance also is a premiere component of this style, and frontlady Angie has all the traits and capacities in her acumen to deliver the message with flawless female road "paua", doing so without having to resort to limb marketing: her delivery is both gritty and, yes, you have guessed it right: impertinently sensual, yet, the promise of impending doom always lingers in her voice, as it should be Law in this style.

Fortunately the musical backdrop is exigent and well sculpted enough as to never mistake the classic southern tropes as the main avenue to explore during this stable statement, quite the contrary: although this single is a 101% ZZ Topesque guitar sizzler toppled by an amazon, the composition itself is strong enough as to warrant revisitations. This is the background music for immediate visions of an unfaithful guy being chased through the desert by a furious lady mounting a bike, armed either with a shotgun or a smile, so what's not to like?

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