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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DraMatiQue - The Burn Mixtape review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Newborn Records LLC
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <
This review starts off with the official press release.

West Coast rap artist DraMatiQue(drah*mad*dick )returns with the heavily anticipated follow up to last year's smash debut. " The Burn Mixtape " is hosted by Chi-town's finest...DJ Smoke and includes features from T-Waze The Kid, Ounce, F.A.M.E., Billion Dolla Bill & more along with top-notch production by Ages Beats, Kajmir Royale, Narco Productions, & Beats Planet. Follow on twitter @dramati2ue, @djsmokemixtapes 

Following the Kill the Game Mixtape reviewed earlier this year, your eloquent hip hop papi DraMatiQue teams up with local disc wizard extraordinare DJ SMoke in an attempt to deliver you an excruciatingly thorough silence massacre extravaganza on what the contemporary West Coast talent pool has to offer, and that, naturally/luckily, is a lot to soak your awareness into. Contrary to the trend established by the previous effort, this baby here is not at all reluctant to submit to the ethos of extreme compression, - ultra-max-volume-paua, lover! - so, upon popping this devil into the player, your girl(s) and you should be prepared to take a ride on your subwooffer the moment the first kick drum expresses its decibel volumetrics, regardless of what segment of the room you started making out on.

The new mixtape still packs the tremendous charm DraMatiQue is renowned for, and he did not lose anything from his natural flow, nor added anything to it that would harm it. Courtesy of his sensitivity to offer a series of glimpses on the powers and dynamics that are shaping the face of mid-tempo West Coast hip hop - the style the mixtape is abundant galore of - DraMatiQue is here to claim your fandom with extreme cunning, and I can see on your eyes that he is about to, too. Read on to know more about this.

The effort practically is packed with high quality mid tempo content, - laid back mid-tempo seems to be the favorite pacing of your host, and that indeed is the most optimal pacing for the series of activities that are worth doing at a party - and with great satisfaction I constate that even amidst these carefully built selection streams, there are numerous methods you can find secondary highlights of special harmonic/rhythmic relevance. The now-traditional -and much welcomed - focus is still maintained on the relentless deliverance of inventive, yet easily approachable and friendly harmonic passages that simultaneously reflect top notch - though hyper-aggressive, even in their friendliness - production standards and a timeless retro charm that pumps all blood in the galaxy into the ethos of the C64 era. The effect is tremendous, and especially so when the secondary vocalists join the fray. Thank God & Co., this time, DraMatiQue convinced chicks with superb vocal capacities - see track 11, "Who Am I", featuring Dido, for example - to join the fray.

If you have listened any of his previous efforts, or just about to reach the culmination of the recent one, then you know that your dramatic host is not out there to intimidate you, and I think it is safe to say that he won't ever deviate from the direction of offering status reports and latent/efficient social commentary. This style suits him just so well, why wave around an AK47 more than it is socially obligatory in order to establish yourself as a desirable male? DraMatiQue found out that a smile works even better! Nothing to take away anything from the AK47, yo! The majority of the themes revolve around women - which just reflects the states of earthy affairs correctly - and the content still is soaked in humor, charm, and there is an exigently expressed light heartedness observable throughout.

It's an effort full of fun, and the only shortcoming it exhibits, is an urge to reveal all instruments with extreme intensity - see track 12, "Da Illest" to observe this effect, when certain segments of a superb track essentially get scared out of existence whenever the Kick Drum of Doom reveals its ungodly sonic proportions. Hell, this production ethos still has its undeniable identity, because it is so extreme, but, if you are always extreme, then you are never extreme, you are just desperate.

The disc gives you a whole lot to sink a pair of ears into, and reigns as a much welcomed addition to the catalog of this talented artist. In my wildest dreams, DraMatiQue produces a record on which he is not allowed to put any meters to maximum, let's see if he heeds my tip or sends Female Ninja Assassins my way. Both variations are dandy for me!

Check out DraMatiQue's The Burn Mixtape here. No login or other shit is required, you can listen right away.

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