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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Adam Astbury - From Here We Can See Forever review

Year : 2013
Genre : Radio Rock
Origin : United Kingdom
Official site : > - here -<

Adam Astbury's first studio LP is a risk free, polite, soulfully created radio rock effort that is apt and ready to deliver on the field for which it willingly submits to as its premiere-, and exclusive sonic playground.

The harmonic structures, the melodic arcs, the songwriting strategy all reflect an urge to harvest traditional pop/soft rock ear-candies and luscious secondary nuisances with dormant covert op high octane efficiency, and Adam Astbury doubtless managed to create a debut that leaves nothing to be desired when considered solely as a family friendly radio rock spin. Read on to know more about this.

The thing with radio rock is the following : if it is successful, then any single album will consist of songs that are almost identical to each other as far as their mere capacities of emotional channeling power, emotive colorfulness, and the machinations of mere narrative/musical dynamics and rhetorics are concerned. Pop won't let you suffer properly. (With dignity intact - suffering demands talent.) If you try it, pop most likely will reject you, but, even more hilariously, pop will reject itself.

As such, the Only True Pop Option is to keep smiling all the while. At the end of the day, like it or not, pop is the music of smiles - happy smiles, morose smiles, bitter smiles - you are not allowed to lose the smile. And this record is a music of smiles, as well. Surely, the harmonic passages do wary with great eloquence and intricacy - particularly on this disc - yet the album, as a "proper" soft rock/pop effort should do, surely maintains a solid grasp on the pulse of radio rock/pop all the way through with an ever so gentle iron fist, resulting in an overall flow that sounds to convey the exact same emotional intention with relentless repetition during a rather healthy and thorough full value program time length.

Make no mistake, as these are the exact, optimum hallmarks of a successful pop record, while this - pretty much - obligatorily and meticulously delivered quality is further accentuated by the sober, brisk production values the album definitely can be proud of. The guitar work on display demands separate mentioning, as Astbury utilizes quite imaginative tactics to outline chord shapes and harmonic domains, with an especially keen sense exhibited towards the different timber types - electronic power chords and acoustic arpeggios are all used JUST optimally. Nothing is overkilled, and nothing is barren to the bone.

The disc is a safe and immediate recommendation if and when you are a committed radio rock fan, or you just simply looking for friendly music that is 101% compatible with a family road trip. A skillfully engineered-, stone traditional soft rock/pop disc, with nothing to surprise you - and this exactly is the reason why it works.

Official site : > - here - <

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