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Saturday, November 10, 2012

NO - Roll

Year : 2012
Genre : Pop
Label : Independent
Origin : United Kingdom
Official site : > - here - <

The band called simply "NO" brings forth its second full length declaration, now orchestrated to lighthearted-, free spirited pop music that exhibits no intimidating or experimental tendencies at all, concentrating instead on attaining a brisk, risk free image of pop as soon as possible per entry.

The compositions are straightforward bonfire statements, fluently fixated on the myriad types and kinds of sentiments that were/are/will be compatible with said romantic environment, and it is beyond any doubt whatsoever that the quartet emerges efficient at pressing the proper buttons in order to appeal for the preference patterns of a random radio running rampant. - aua. Read more about this disc.

The ensemble sports a pretty much flawless command of their popular craft, as the aforementioned charm of the classic bonfire guitar chords is not something Father Time seems to have a grasp worth noting on : the music of this quartet will witness you nodding in perfect understanding if you have heard pop before, and chances are that you will deem its significance nothing less than of cosmic scale and paradigmatic value in case the past 250 years have had the occasion of watching you living under a stone.

Talking about stones, and Roll, -WOW, I'm on a ROLL! - something else comes to mind, too : if THAT particular something happens to be the verse of one particular statement of this eight, straightforward pop songs, then everyone involved in the process is obliged to be happy about that, and, let's not kid ourselves : this very agenda is equivalent with the sole mission of (popular) pop, and I personally find nothing wrong about that. The album sports a more natural-, fuzzy sound than the everyday average pop ethos cares to explore most of the time, courtesy of a heavily guitar centered character. Don't expect chordal/harmonic wizardry being exhibited as a compositional behavior, but expect an efficient-, and, for that matter, enjoyable exploitation of bonfire pop dynamics with lyrical content that is doing a decent job complimenting the music with witty lines.

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