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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mercury Underground - debut EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Modern Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : Scotland
Official site : > - here - <

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Mercury Undergound is a Glasgow based modern rock group which sounds completely committed to bring you the classic era of said parent genre with recent production standards, pulling this stunt off without falling to the other side of the horse, where over-production is as pronounced of a danger as is volume-fetischism. The situation of the miserable music critic is pleasant now, as the debut LP of scrutinized ensemble comprises of three muscularly realized, straightforward modern rock tracks indeed, and the love for the genre-, the solid understanding of it is tight and convincing throughout. Read on to know more about this slick-, massively guitar centered EP.

Songcraft is everything and THEN something more when the name of the genre is modern rock, and with great delight I report that the band sounds to sport an identity already, and the fact that the language/the character of the music nods to the Deep Purpe/Jimmy Hendrix ethos, is something much more of a beneficiary trait than a limitation.

As noted, the music obviously is immensely guitar centered, and the presence of a particularly well defined bass also is of noteworthy significance. The songs themselves, thank God & CO., are hefty, restless, - NOT angry, nor frustrated - and they are legitimate compositions fueled by thought and emotion, and, if you are a regular here at Noise Shaft, - 'sup, perv - then you know that I have no fear telling otherwise if I feel the opposite. The lead singer sports a powerful mid-range register, and, funnily enough, whenever he winks towards a higher sonic domain, his voice and the music around it sounds to offer a nod or two towards Faith No More, as well, though you probably will have to be an eminent music snob to pick up on this similarity - a nice occasion to test yourself in this regard. In concluding track, "The Great Escape", even a tint of Queen bleeds through the climax, and it serves the build quite well.

It is easy to appreciate the "optimal dirtyness", the mere amplifier raw meat charisma and fuzzyness of the production values. The EP is capable to render an intimate listening experience, courtesy of a faithful - faith in the timeless raw sound of the naked amped guitar that craves no effect wizardry - songbuilding strategy that indeed shows timeless capacity to operate steadily. Once again, a relatively short but doubtless solid debut, and the subsequent logical thing you want to do is to check it out and see/hear it for yourself. Attention! Glasgow's Underground contains Mercury.

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