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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oktayne - Feature Presentation review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop, Rap
Label : Flu Media
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

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This review starts out by the official press release to familiarize you with the connotations surrounding the contribution.

"Oktayne delivers with new album called Feature Presentation with a bunch of songs for the ladies which indicates LL Cool J as his main influence in his music. The album is his follow up to his slept on debut Self-Explanations. Along with up and coming Bay Area producers within the production squad of The Invasion and Oktayne's friend G-Funk the album appears to be solid. The other producers on the album is the likes of Colorado's Kajmir Royale, and Pittsburg, PA native Sledgren of Taylor Gang."

Ah yeah. Read on to find out if and how - IF at all - the release punishes mean Godzilla style.

Oktayne's Feature Presentation gives you a tremendous amount of content to soak yours ears into, so there is no doubt at all that you will have a lot of free spirited hip hop data for your money's worth. Teaming up with various Bay Area producers, Oktayne delivers a package that is unusually brave-, even reckless in certain aspects of the production, most notably in the respective departments of the kick drums and the subwoofer. Kick drums?? You're kidding right? Those are Godzilla effin bassdrums, not kick drums, AND their related subwoofer frequencies emerge to summon he Meshuggah kind of vibe, in a sense. You wonder how, I suppose. This is how :

"A sonic declaration of spite, and resentment. It's resonance grinding to dust our souls. The twine of revenge tightly strung. It's subharmonics : the Undoing of All."

The Undoing of the Mix, on occasion, too. When I'm telling you that the disc exhibits a readiness to provoke and cultivate immensely massive and intimidating sounds, I'm giving you but a tame suggestion of what to really expect from the spin. Whenever these supreme aggressive frequencies are engaged, their surroundings - including the lyrical content - have a tendency to get squashed frog style, aua.

The flow of things interchanges between a pretty orthodox mid-tempo hip hop ethos, contrasted efficiently with a more experimental tenure in character, and Oktayne exhibits a peculiar style with a variety of trademark elements that get more and more easy to relate to as the flow progresses. There are a good set of elegantly constructed tracks supported by playful female backing vocals, and I especially like the installments that exhibit less aggression in their sonic volumetrics. These are steps and explorations amidst thrilling areas already, yet I personally feel that a more rigorous sense of subwoofer limitation is required in a future Oktayne project, and then, it will have pretty good chances of becoming High Oktayne, if you catch my drift herein.

Check out Oktayne's Feature Presentation here.

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