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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kyley Styles - One Short Of A Six Pack EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Alternative Soft Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Kyley Styles' One Short Of A Six Pack EP brings to you a form of alternative soft rock music that Foo Fighter's lead mastermind Dave Grohl equally has a whole lot to cheer-, and to be concerned about.

Kyley Styles clearly is a mature and precise response from "mere" population to the cultural impact of how Grohl's music affected regions of its collective psyche, and, from now on it is official that the pantheon of legitimate alternative soft rock contenders is enriched by a nominee who is all about radio friendliness, combined with the competent realization of a sound that is capable to convey a tint of grit without being aggressive enough to scare your grandma's chihuahua away. Read on to find out more about this.

The reviewer sometimes finds itself in a pleasant and comfortable position, and such is the one I currently find myself in, because the EP's intentions are ultra-super-mega clear ones, and will not deceive you by deviating from their own picture perfect ambitions, which are served out and realized pretty much flawlessly on this concise and accurate delivery. The primer character of the tone is set via the first two tracks, that contain either deliberate or accidental titular references for the video game industry - "Eye of the Beholder" and "Halo" - while "Just a Man", with a more emotional tone, finds a titular resonance with a Faith No More song from the "King For a Day, Fool For a Lifetime" era. (Yes, there IS a great Metallica song with the title "Eye of the Beholder", too, Beavis.)

It is all about your personal musical preferences, because I have zero doubt that you "will get" what the release wants right on the fly, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the Kyley Styles musical narrative - think of Foo Fighters without the occasional aggression, and substitute the absence of that with an exigent, ubiquitous presence of a pop vibe with a grit - has all the chance it can have to find a resonance in fans of alternative soft rock. The singing exclusively is clean, well executed, and there is plenty of lyrical content to be found, and it also isn't one that would be hindered by non-originality, quite the contrary : the lyrics are playful, oftentimes humorous, and frankly, they seem to go beyond Dave Grohl's frequently used lyrics generator reeking organic connections between "rainy day"s and "girl, don't you know"s, even while going "funny/punny" like in highlight delivery "CLASSSHOLE".

As formally mentioned, I immensely enjoyed the production work on this one, as the sober sense of quite competent, heavy duty limitation does a tremendous service to the EP. The sound is pretty much crystal clear in its rich organic qualities, it goes beyond the raw charisma of plastic precision, yet it wisely stays away from the intimidating tendencies of metal - despite its relative reliance on cleverly tamed distorted guitars. Kyley Styles' One Short Of A Six Pack EP does not seek to revolutionize the genre it belongs to, which does not at all prevent it from enriching it with a competent and relevant delivery.

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