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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Revocation - Chaos of Forms review

Year : 2011
Genre : Technical Death Thrash Metal
Label : Relapse
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.2 / 10

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Revocation is one super-eminent representative of a new breed of extreme music that sounds both relentlessly rabid AND eloquent at that. Everyone with imagination and ears accessible have the capacity to make up fine inner music that is out - oops - to destruct all things on sight, but the realization of such an avid flow of aural stimulus takes vast amount of diligent work. With its third full length silence massacre, Revocation unleashes monumental heft, and makes sure it does not lose steam during the 46 minutes it has the fuel for.

Chaos of Forms, in its mere nature, sounds to be a similar output than the latest of that of fellow thrasher group Deceased, in a sense that both installments consciously chose to utterly reject shortcuts and compositional methods a composer could live and sleep well without being voodooed by the masses. Instead, each and every second you will be graced with top of the heat sonic content that rains into you without any need on its part to rely on such standard presentational solutions as repetition or the introduction of "showsaver-hooks", so to speak. There is truly no need for them, if and when an entire album is one huge hook to pull you over its own body without inquiring about the state of your taste and safety. Read on to find out how this album kicks your ass a million ways in any given moment it rides on the volume by.

Revocation's Chaos of Forms is a bottomless treasure chest of superbly sculpted riffs and rhythms that know no no other King to bow down to than the mere flamboyancy they command to exist to triumph by. The intricacy of the content herein is so beautifully rabid and convoluted that the building blocks of one single track of the release could easily serve as a massive sequence in the body of a much less ambitious-, and STILL totally solid spin. The record simply can not be caught repeating itself, as delicious extremities are handing the door knob over to the other, always maintaining a continuous flow of sonic developments in which the common demeanor is the stone-sober faithfulness to seriously researched and manically presented intensity.

The album, needless to say, knows and brilliantly abuses every single mood of the extreme you have ever noticed to crave your attention, and it is the arrangements themselves that separate this record from the flock : you surely must have heard double bass before, but it is one thing to submit to its brutal charm having no gap to form an other choice on, and it is an entirely different matter to witness the double bass revealing its stupendous True Character, a much lifting result of avoiding the constant use of it. Revocation, quite wisely, keeps the double bass among the tools that guarantee the flawless operation of the 111% Thrashing Mode, and once it engages, it truly emerges as a row of mountain-sized bulldozers without drivers, rumbling into your awareness.

An important clarification needs to be made, and here it is : Chaos of Forms, in nature, is an extremely aggressive album, yet this is a rigorously and skillfully controlled, eloquent form of aggression that knows the limits and entertainment value of its respective charms well enough to not subject its absorber to any one those charms for too long. As such, there is a whole lot to be absorbed here, because every second of the release comes with the intent to present you stuff that is beyond doubt worth to be absorbed.

This is the shit.

The record has segments of monumental mid-tempos, exceptionally elegant guitar solos and some absolutely hilarious sequences that border on the vibe of easily accessible hard rock riding on an adrenalin rocket and waving two chainsaws, but bear in mind that these sequences are reigning way beyond the gesture of filling out the showtime with some cozily digestible stuff. Instead, whatever the band comes into contact with, it turns it into a golem of gold and commands it to thrash its surroundings ASAP.

With an immense aural contribution that pretty much cultivates a secret love for experimental extreme while remaining absolutely true to its primordial intent to flatten stuff out first, Revocation - Chaos of Forms is the extreme music you KNEW should have existed. Only know : it does.

Rating : 9.2 / 10

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