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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Machine Head - Unto the Locust review

Year : 2011
Genre : Groove Metal with Metalcore allures
Label : Roadrunner Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 7.5 / 10

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Machine Head unleashes the ancient, stone-authentic groove lingo of Pantera, igniting its tremendous engines to bring you valiantly varied groove metal which though is in a relentless hurry to seek the catchy chorus in the vicinity as an extra service to the ears. Ah! What? You did not order that??

Unto the Locust shows no notable aspiration to reinvent the proper steel or the proper wheel, and the only derivation/addition you are likely to spot when you attempt to relate this album to its originator at heart Pantera, is the relentless and frequent addition of the aforementioned-, acceptable melodic choruses, supported by tasty, calm, guitar centered melodic intermessos to catch a breath or two on. The mid-tempo melodic choruses, while seemingly represent no particular interest in metalcorish suffering narrative, the look itself does not prevent the album from submitting to metalcore-panic on a healthy amount of dire occasions. Unto the Locust, though rarely if ever manages to command you on an immense melodic hook from which there is no escape, brings you the intact kind of groove-based full power variation that sells out the show no problem, and the choruses are not as long as they would be if they were twice as long as they actually are. Still here? Splendid. Read on to find out more on these briskly varied elements.

The name of the game herein, obviously enough, is the act of summoning the heft that may have the chance to stop an incoming bulldozer or two, and the thoughtful addition of re-occurring segments that radiate a more restrained musical stance, serve as efficient anchors to establish a soberly balanced field of operation amidst the sequences of intense sonic engagement.

The album has two primordial vibes it feels itself most confident with : the rumble itself it produces leaves no place to form a complaint on. It is summoned via a well researched, tight, at heart traditional sound, delivered by fat and mean guitars full of bad intent that dwell only a story above the direct depths of hell as far as their tuning. As hinted, melodic, misery-fixated mid-tempo is equally a key factor of this spin, and not the factor that me, myself and I have found themselves awesometacularly blown away by, but there is no doubt that the mid-tempo sequences are tightly realized, too. The only qualm one might give a voice to regarding this matter, is the impression that the mid-tempo-, chorus related approach of the album sounds to seek to put way too much of semi-metalcorish panic narrative into the builds, regardless how the first third of the release tells everything about the vibe that sounds worth to be told.

The Special Edition of this contribution comes with three bonus tracks on board. Let's address two of those. One of these is a nicely realized acoustic version of highlight delivery Darkness Within, while the bonus track called The Sentinel consorts groove metal with power metal on an adrenaline rush, and, if you think this will kick your ass to hell and back, you are pretty close to the truth.

Machine Head's latest is a safe bet to invest your listening time in, and, if you show propensity to find and omit the two, maybe three - and not more - tracks you think the record declares itself more muscular without, then it emerges as a groove metal affair worth revisiting.

Rating : 7.5 / 10

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