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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Free From Gravity - Step Into the Sunlight review

Year : 2017
Genre : Melodic Soft Rock
Origin: United Kingdom
Label : Independent
Official site: > - here - <

Free From Gravity is a UK-based ensemble of five musicians sharing a consensual love resonated towards the soft rock sensibilities rooted in the best traditions of the given genre. Think "Men at Work", but substitute said group's trademark rendition of gloom and musically intriguing grit with a more risk-evader type of demeanor that is almost exclusively focused on self-reflective and cheerful sentiments, deliberately rendered with ultra-smooth sounds and timbers that openly seek to radiate auditory warmth, and emerge highly successful at this agenda.

When Free From Gravity reveals its top form in the context of songcraft, even Dire Straits comes to mind, courtesy of the slick production standards that wisely commit to keep a constant limitation on intensity, never quite offering a glimpse towards hard-rock heft, and this diligent focus guarantees an experience that remains enjoyable for the widest demographic palette - without compromising the honesty and authenticity of the soft rock music on full-scale display. Read on to know more.

On the field of melodic soft rock, songwriting pretty much is everything in the sense that the longer you seek to conceal the lack of clear thought in operation (allegedly) contained in your music, the more suspicious your blend of soft rock will look-, let alone sound like. One thing that is very easy and pleasant to appreciate regarding this effort by Free From Gravity, is how self-confident this spin is of its own irrefutable charms, and how willing it is to tell you all about this, right from the beginning. This release has not time to waste, it always weighs in as a straight-to-the-point type of structure, which is admirable.

A Men At Work correlation already has been drawn, and this very notion is strengthened further whenever the group exercises an increased degree of willingness to experiment with-, AND command harmonies outside the ultra-polite volumetrics of party-compatible major chords. Eloquent, good musical taste and rhythmic imagination is oftentimes observable throughout the release, so much so, that the more straightforward compositions have the additional optimum chance to assuage the less demanding type of ears that are craving straight-to-the-point cheerfest to sidekick their beer, with no further laments or artistic obstructions included.

The beneficial irony is, that everyone with any keenness towards the genre of soft rock, is guaranteed to be inescapably entertained by this record, as the statements on the release are nifty, fit, concise and muscular enough in their own right as to relentlessly emerge as irrefutable entries, regardless of their narrative character. As hinted, the number of cheerful songs on the release is plentiful, but, luckily, Free From Gravity monitors the exhaustion-level of major chords with rigorous awareness, and musical thrill and tension always gets introduced just in the nick of time, so, even if you are a music critic with hungry, insatiable ears, you will be entertained. The influences of the band is fun to decipher, anyway: "Saints and Sinners" is the quintessential testament of a song inspired by "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits, for example - and you will pick up on notions of this sort during the listening session, which always is fun.

What separates Free From Gravity from an everyday average party-group that plays family friendly "safesongs" on the car stereo, is their evident aptness to channel music from the very space of ideas that the aforementioned Dire Straits and Men At Work were/are channeling from, and this varied behavior easily weighs in as one of the most prominent assets under the group's command. A safe recommendation to all music aficionados.

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