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Monday, February 6, 2017

The RA-6600 - Followed a Boy review

Year : 2017
Genre : glam rock
Label : HEMBOT Records
Origin : United States
Official site: > here <

The RA-6600 duo is still adamant at delivering the best traditions of free spirited glam rock with new found vigor to define the genre as fresh and relevant. Their latest effort is an extended play, an addendum to a series of EPs the duo has been releasing throughout 2016, now continuing this optimistically invasive trend with another collection of hefty, straight-to-the-point glam tracks that radiate the charm of the style with undeniable convince power and production-rawness you are not used to hear.

As is the usual case with this duo, the most optimal trait of this release is how it does not concern itself with super-clean production values. The aim of the game is to get hold of the given idea with the least amount of required effort possible, but NEVER less. As result of this creative stance, the music successfully finds a constant source of joy via the act of creatively de-bunking the most secretively kept tricks and techniques of glam, and, the best part is, that the members never abuse their position after a thorough investigation. Instead, they rob a given idea clean, and they are moving on, no time to waste: we have came to exploit this idea, but we are interested only in THIS and THAT, thank you very much!

The lyrics are similarly indicative of this sanely defined flexibility, painting pictures that are relentlessly playful and heart-wrenchingly unfulfilled in SOME sense - but these percepts are way too delicate to project insatiable conclusions on, and this is why the record emerges as yet another honest, and authentic delivery of the duo. After all, there are things you can NOT talk about - and you best remain silent about those. Highly ironic, and this is the music that openly chases mentioned irony in the context of bare-to-the-bone glam. A safe recommendation for the fans of the genre, but all music lovers will be prone to admire its wild, manic, exploitative demeanor that simply does not give a damn of what you think about it.

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