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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Blue Moon Harem - My Front Door track review

The song under scrutiny is quick to showcase a set of tasteful musical influences that are pulled and brought together to form a truly cohesive-, top tier rock song with no sub-optimal assets to conceal. The singing and the mastering are both supra-ballsy and consequently immaculate, the guitars are warm, yet they come to your house with bad enough intentions to make it impossible to not give a damn about their inventive machinactions. An immediately discernible structure is observable, that which is being led and skillfully courted through a series of logical-, and pleasant climatic/narrative conlcusions with due heft and rigor maintaned throughout the anatomic segments of the entire build. A fascination cultivated towards the most morose musical tints of "pure" rock is relentlessly kept around as the narrative opens up about the key - pun intended - aspects of the imminent romantic relationship the song itself is centered around. The best moments of Stone Sour comes through with irrefutable convince power. The inherent soul-story that is being told through glanced emotions, peaking sensations and expressed intentions pertinent to the desiring of intimacy, are very easy to relate to, inviting the attentive listener to soak some ears into the stimulus on yet another immediate occasion. The shapes of intensity with which the material communicates, is of exceptionally high quality and versatility herein, as the band not only manages to respect and honor the fields of rock, but they pretty much demand the holy whole and THEN some more of it. The piece boils with undeniable/insatiable power when successfully reaching its targeted peak values, and the excellent lead singer truly deserves credit for not being crushed under the mere sonic weight, instead, he emerges on top, "merely" riding the elegantly raging audio mass. In case your conjecture needs further reinforcement, then let me assure you that this is a band you want to keep some eyes and ears on, and one can only hope that they have plans to deliver a full fledged output composed of various tracks.

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