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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mericana - Whatever's Left sessions EP review

Year : 2009 - 2015
Genre : Alternative Rock with a Grunge tint
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > -  here - <

The Whatever's Left Sessions is a hard alternative-rock EP influenced by bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden & Muse. It was arranged & recorded in multiple studios between 2009 and 2015 in Edmonton, AB.

Mericana's Whatever's Left Sessions is a brief-, yet extremely eventful and precise stylistic exercise into the more morose and outright agry intersections amended by both the grunge and alternative rock genres. This smartly paced EP gives you no less and no more than four full musculature tracks to soak some souls into the massively guitar driven melodies that are complimented by larger than life clean singing.

The insatiable urge to deliver as soon as possible, is ever-present and relentless on the disc: no time is given to shoegaze tendencies. The patterns introduced on the disc are composed of extremely clear musical thoughts that are sculpted out with pretty much scientific attention devoted to maintain the clarity of harmony, which is a key asset of the whole experience. The band oftentimes summons the vibes of an unusually angry Pearl Jam, as result of a keen willingness to seek out and present  the hilariously reocurring feeling of an inevitable-, yet strangely uplifting sense of doom. Read on to know more.

As suggested by the introduction, the band is not reluctant to admit their fascination with Muse, and, beside a competent command on hefty grunge, an additional leaning towards skillfully tormented classical harmonics is indeed observable on the EP. A hilarious vibe that brings to mind the playfully ever-psychotic demeanour of Kidney Thieves, is also present.

The disc maintans a superb sense of its overall sonic anatomy, - the record wants to be loud - and does not even attempt to market any other shade of emotions than those of intensity and relentlessness. The overall songcraft on the EP is pretty much constantly indicative of an optimally borderline-esque emotional stance, which directs the flow of the delivery with brute-, all balls out elegance. The album is either in the state of a constant eruption, or, in the state of promising an imminent experience-flow of constant eruption.

The rthythmic variatons demand separate mentioning, as it is observable that the band is apt and ready to cast a different set of lights on the exact same pattern, thereby doing those musical structures legitimate-, and much welcomed justice. The lead singer enjoys an excellent set of mid-range pipes, through which quite convincing high registers are also obtainable. Credit goes for the performer for refraining from over-using his really impressive-, highest registers.

The 4/4 mid-tempo pulsation is a steady, powerful staple on the disc, yet its timeless surface is always complimented with a truly nice-, inventive sense of harmony that brings you the best traditions of grunge. These guitars came to take a tall toll on everything, and they won't relent until their mission is accomplished.

The EP is a successful display of a competent command on a tastefully configured type of rock, one which is eager to express itself in the context of a full lenght delivery. A safe recommendation for all rock aficionados.

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