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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Underlined Passages - The Fantastic Quest review

Year : 2015
Genre : Soft Rock with a superb harmony fetisch
Label : Mint 400 Records
Origin : United States
Official site: > -  here - <

Baltimore based Underlined Passages is a group composed of individuals willing and able to render their respective creative potentials to that of premiere Underlined Passages frontman and mastermind Michael Nestor.

Nestor been instinctively studying and mastering the mere ethos of harmony the very day Stephen Hawking started to invent time itself, and this very notion is not one to take lightly, nor with any promise of a grain of salt. This spin is action-packed with an extremely keen sense of chordal passages that reflect not only excessive competence-levels at coming up with interesting harmonies, but, even better: the whole album is a luscious love letter to intricatly sculpted chordal domains, while the sung melodies on top are mere compliments rendered to them.

The resultant mixture is a highly optimal configuration of music, that works pretty much perfectly, and especially so if your ears still remember how to hear. If you ever wondered about this question, then the answer probably is "sorry: no, but do come again!", but, this is the perfect album to make sure. Read on to know more.

Relentlessly BUT covertly sensual at heart, the album contains 9 variations on an introverted-, contemplative type of auditory intimacy-seeking in the sense that it gives you the transmission, but it is up the individual's sophistication and attention whether she/he realizes that the transmission has been given at the first place. As such, this is the perfect disc to get yourself off from a crush.

Yet this timeless motivational dynamic of intimacy is expressed with capacities that are super-diligent at being cognizant at the workings of their own sonic mechanics, never failing to challenge and omit the most placid and most mundane navigational gatekeepers of the so falsely and assumed limits of harmony. Nestor's sense and knowledge of this awesomeluscious subjet matter is something every musician should give serious eartime to, as he always sounds ready and able to deliver one more neat auditory trick when you think he surely must have come full-circle per given composition.

The builds are straight-forward, yet radiate full sonic musculature, and are extremely easy to appreciate due to their crystal clear intent and field of operation. The tracks are completely and optimally devoid of every and all forms of peasant-blinding. Everything is straight to the point, with no facetime offered for self-congratulatory acts of prolongation and circus wizardry. No bullshit is displayed, which is a quite rare hallmark, yet also one that elevates revisitation-urges immediately, on spot, right when you are still in the listening process.

The compositional behavior of the album is a sober variation between relative-, moody up-tempo and nicely varied slow-tempo builds, while the element of interconnection between the two strategies is none other than a constant urge to telegraph and invite elegantly engineered collisions between rhythm and harmonies.

If you want a morose, yet quite elegant album with real emotions, real grit, with really well sculpted and richly offered harmonies, then this is the album to soak some pairs of ears into. After all, no one have said you have to be alone while listening to it.

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