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Sunday, February 1, 2015

AlogiA - Elegia Balcanica review

Year : 2015
Genre : Progressive Metal with various key tastes
Origin : Serbia

The moment one hears their latest release kick off from the speakers, one instinctly knows that Serbia's AlogiA enjoys and exercises an excellent command over an abundant amount of especially richly textured metalmongery.

The album features and maintains a relentless urge to offer constant variation on soberly controlled harmonic structures, taking you on thorough and exciting strolls of various sub-genres of metal, smelted into muscular compositions that exhibit clear character and identity.

Sometimes less is more, and it especially is true when the music is of such varied and optimally dense character as you will be subjected to on this release. The band has chosen to display all its key fascinations with metal via a hefty, "no time to waste" attitude. One has the fine feeling of being over soundscapes that would have been suitable to make multiple songs of, yet the band still is willing to refrain from orbiting around an idea for too long, and instead they spoil you with harmonic/melodic intricacy that ofentimes borders on the robust verges and timeless charisma of technical death metal. This is especially true in the context of the instrumental opening track.

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As mentioned, the release, as a whole delivery, offers a mixture of metal sub-genres, while the main element of interconnection between these well developed snippets is none other than the mere surprise the band can unleash on you whenever they trade in a particular metal-method for another.

These interchanges are always fluent and smart, and, in the context of the vocalized styles, apt amount of space/time is given to convey the more traditional charms of the genre. The disc is a perfectly mature metal release with zero intention to bank in on the calculable super-orthodoxies of corporate metal mimicri, so the singing always is clear, melody driven, and varies from a well developed mid-range register to a unique blend of highness and sky-shattering raw power, think of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson.

The outright experimentive and the soberly traditional are not the exclusive extremes you will find on the spin, either: serving as an element and source of additional flavors of musical excitement, the band showcases a keen command of alternative metal from time to time, offering clever melodic/harmonic hooks that always manage to enrich and surprise, and never outstay their welcome.

This ubiquitous optimum collision between the more recent and more traditional leanings of metal draws and delivers a strong and vigorous character for the album, as this eloquently maintained tension never lets loose of your attention and gratitude. A legit, uncompromising release that is able to set its own rules and to make you appreciate the creative sanity of said rules.

Here are some links through which you can check the band out:


During their Live Shows they've been able to fill
- big theaters: http://youtu.be/XfxrFX1XrSg
- whole stadiums: http://youtu.be/lcPYY2WBeHc?t=10s
- great squares: http://youtu.be/fhYi5ECel9I

They also have played supporting historical acts such as
- Whitesnake: http://youtu.be/jiJ8O5TF9-I
- Apocalyptica: http://youtu.be/1NXebcWMP6k
- Savatage and many more

Plus performed many important Festivals (Hendrix Fest, Hard'n'Heavy, Exit, MetalDays, etc) + headlined many gigs.


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  1. Reminds me of this from my country, see if you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwfsaGEj7PI


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