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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Charming Timur - A Brief Moment of Existence review

Year : 2014
Genre : Experimental, Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Finland
Official site : > - here - <

This review starts out with a brief, introductory quotation snippet taken from the official BandCamp site of the reviewed contribution.

"Charming Timur is a one man musical planecrash not limiting to any genres in particular, but mostly revolving around Modern Metal, Nu Metal and various genres with the word "Post-" in front. Located in Helsinki."

The name of the game indeed is massively guitar centered silence massacre, coming to you focused and fine tuned along the rather brave-, nevertheless rigorously controlled variety. While the given musical space is molested with scientific grit, the production values reflect a constant awareness of how to prevent bleedthrough between the sonic elements, so each and every component is displayed in their respective anatomy in fully exhibited fashion.

Charming Timur is correct in saying how his personal taste of metal encompasses multiple fascinating extremities of it, since, interestingly enough, metal - as a main genre - itself incorporates a myriad variants of musical rhetorics and modal characteristics. As such, while the album starts out with a gritty/hefty mid-tempo opening that surely gets you in the mood to get through a door without ever touching a door knob, the second track is an immediate-, both risky and ballsy tour of trepidation into such a relentless brand of heavily sludge infected black metal that brings to mind immediate and rather pleasant Lord Mantis connotations. As you subject yourself to the full value experience, Charming Timur's definite and eloquently channeled black metal fascination is rendered rampant/evident in front of your curious ears and pineal gland. Read more to know about this album.

As noted, the hallmarks of meticulously executed black metal are abundant throughout the disc. Out of these elements, the thought of the smartly formed/provoked collision between the underlying low range-main riff and mid range tremolo - Burzum style - is pretty much ubiquitous, AND rightfully so. Charming Timur showcases an indeed charming capacity to deliver symbiotic riff pairs that are both inventive in their melodic mass, while remaining uncompromisingly mean and tainted to the heart and beyond.

The sludge affection of the LP is not one that you will find but mere snippets of, as this leaning draws the true identity of the contribution with precise and unrelenting strokes. The disc meanders/roars around between a crushing mid tempo and slow tempo pacing, strategically spiced up with shrieking vocals of tormented rage, complimenting the putrid holes of monumental suffering. I like the fact how Charming Timur is observant not to bring the vocals too high in the mix, so his vocal performance is situated in such a constant vortex of optimally molested melodies that you always are free to regard them as genuine status reports from states you only would prefer to hear about - quite literally.

As a massively sludge infected black metal delivery, the album of course has somewhat of an obligation to be extremely aware of its capacity to affect, AND, to affect with the maximum power it can clock in with. The length of such an endeavor is of prime importance, and your current host manages to accomplish a well thought out program time with a varied selection palette of primordial moods: the track "Broken Personality" and "The Interlude", for example, intentionally reveal a twisted kind of beauty in their melodic anatomies, nevertheless claiming and exercising the right to defile the concept of beauty with unforgiving aptness and a playful kind of melodic cruelty. As result of these considerations, I tend to regard these segments as some of the most intriguing peak moments of the whole experience - that is not to say that the more traditional layouts would have shortcomings to them at all, quite the contrary: tradition is needed to be revealed, so you have something to deviate from then on, both as the creative artist, and, as a listener, whom the whole art is happening for. And where is the difference? There is none, ultimately and funnily.

The prime question is: what you deviate towards, and, can your deviations form into beneficial patterns that serve the entirety of your musical statement? In the case of Charming Timur, these relevant side quests for novelty emerge rampant/triumphant, and, as such, the disc is a definite recommendation for all fans of black metal who are in the position of welcoming a rather healthy dosage of relentless sludge revealed in their favorite fray.

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