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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leadsucker - Burn review

Year : 2013
Genre : Hardcore Punk
Label : Toxic Highway Recordings
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

"... oh my fucking god, REALLY??!" - were the first words I have articulated upon direct eye contact with the cover art of Leadsucker's "Burn". Then in the very next second I have realized that the Ohio based hardcore/punk ensemble just did to me what a hardcore/punk release worth calling one is supposed to do, at the first place. It did the politically ultra-anti-correct, the ultra-anti-establishmentarian and bitchslapped me with it, "JUST" to inquire how my soul and my overall cultural indoctrination feels about that.

What do you feel when an American flag - or ANY flag, for that matter - is burned in front of your very eyes? Do you realize that a flag necessarily is a non-physical symbol which ultimately can not be touched-, let alone eradicated by physical forces? Probably not. You are too politically correct for that. You are way too busy being fucking enraged when you witness your flag being burned, am I correct to suppose that? Then you make the Leadsucker guys a happy and efficient punk bunch! The record wants you to be enraged, or, at least, to point out the direction you could "safely" do that on - and it really pulls this feat off with a radical stunt of which you probably will have a strong opinion. Amen to that. Your opinion is overrated. You know why? Because it is yours. Now fight apathy or don't, then read on to know more about the music on the disc.

Luckily enough, the content is uncompromisingly orthodoxpunk in the sense that no amount of sear consideration - synonym : shit - is given for your personal relation towards the audio being on display. As with your opinion, what you think of the release, is similarly overrated, and you are the one who overrates it, and this is the disc that kicks you in the fucking nut for this learned behavior. Kicking someone in the nut is pure evil, and the disc always behaves as a gentleman in the sense that you see it coming in with max velocity, propelling the spiked punk shoe towards your physical heritage colony. The only way to evade this punishment is to give the secret look of - "oh hai, I nau what's up", and the disc will know if you are lying or not.

At heart, punk always was and is the music of rampant and meticulously fabricated disillusionment, and, while you can attempt to "rebel" against the system or boycott the system by drinking/drugging yourself into an in-promptu garbage heap grave, - this, too, is a spiritual method that demands tremendous talent - by doing so, you just enforce the system simply by being yet another "victim" on its list.

A victim of having no will at all. You are a mancunt, congratulations!

Leadsucker's premiere virtue is their uncompromising commitment to remain faithful towards the idea of conscious resentment or plain outright despise of all things establishmentarian. They despise ideology, too. What? You don't know what ideology is? No, it's not that. Ideology is the footnote connecting Stalin to Lenin. Amidst 30 tracks, 3 clock in above the one minute mark, while the majority - logically enough - come to you as short shock shrapnels of ruthless sonic efficiency. The builds are massively guitar centered, are coated in a heated razor vibe that cuts silence like a madafaka with null politeness, and, as their general and overall demeanor, it is safe to say that the songs are in a constant and optimal exploitation of their very character and inner self. They are chasing themselves with high octane hilarity, refusing to settle by a moment of restrained solace. No time, no time to rest, no time to fuck around! Got to explode, got to scorch, got to in-fucking-cinerate shit on sight! This is the demeanor, and the demeanor is fueled - pun intended! - by such commitment, that it submits to the will and comes to a fiery life that burns even more than physical fire. (This is why critics are hypocrite cunts, - especially the ones that challenge this notion - because while I could secretly admire myself for the latter sentence, - because critics are writing about themselves in a covert manner - I'm sure as hell would not want to test out the convince power of fire.)

The lyrical content of the album is delivered with All Balls Heft, is rich in its amount, emerging to be consequent and faithful to its school of original thought throughout the experience. I especially admire the vocal style on the disc. WOW, that fucking lead singer guy could lead any top of the foodchain black metal band, too, if he wanted to. As noted, he delivers the lyrics in a possessed manner, as he'd about to explode in the next second into a clout of black poison, yet he always proves to be competent at restraining the occasional hollow points/danger zones of extremeties with wise awareness of their dormant machinations. In other words, the music reflects a constant rejection of latent obedience-sermons, and not necessarily offers you a Utopia to escape into, and it would commit a HUGE mistake had it do that!

Why offer something that is there already, after all? You have to realize that punk music always HAD and HAS the Utopia. And that Utopia is YOU.

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1 comment:

  1. Burn is my go to album now in the shop. It's cranked all day, every day and I really think productivity is up. :)These guys rock and their music does what it's supposed to do, beats up your ears while bashing the political and socio-economic machine.


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