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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Get Tribal - God of Drum review

Year : 2013
Genre : Ambient with a Tribal tint
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

This review starts out with a quotation snippet taken from the official YouTube channel of the project.

"Get Tribal is a transcendental music project from the US, created under the direction of Kari Hohne, author of mythological studies and books about dream interpretation. She combines ancient shamanistic drumming patterns and tonal vibrations with modern technology and ethnic instruments to create a world fusion sound with emotional and energetic impact. As the creator of many affirmation apps that have achieved New and Noteworthy status at Itunes, she continues to use sound, music, dreams and myth as a way of connecting with our energetic awareness. Kari is best known for her work in dream interpretation where her app Way of Dreams is in the top of the Lifestyle category at both Amazon and Itunes."
Read on to know more about how it sounds.

Even when it chooses to submit to the tribal intensity, the CD has a lush, and polite sound to it that never seeks to pummel or overwhelm - the main agenda is to approximate the tendencies of the meditative audio flows you can find an abundant set of throughout the digital archives on the planet, and this one certainly does emerge out of those with a soulfully established, true identity to it. The CD has an admitted intent in helping you opening up your chakra system while you are doing Yoga exercises - although one should be wary that back in the ancient days, if you had such a minor deficit as a caries on the tooth, you were not even allowed to practice Yoga. Harsh design, yes?

God of Drum, as an overall effort, declares and reveals its top form with the utilization of authentic rhythm patterns and visceral vibrational statements that surely must have done something right in the context of relentless inner reality seeking if and when they have managed to reach you in 2013 despite a mere thousand years - AND counting - being put behind them. The album is friendly and tame, it never seeks to challenge/educate/form your taste, - nor to deform - nor claims the opportunity to flirt with it. The rampant-, dormant dynamics are constrained with a keen sense towards the assumed tolerance levels of the Western Yoga practitioner, so the number of saturations per track are polite, easy to follow and, offered for you to be immersed in.

During the release as an entirety, the premiere field of operation is to bath the awareness in the mere vibrational magic of stone-traditional - only older than those - sonic patterns. The degree of receptiveness you are willing to approach those by, are entirely up to your momentary setting of mind - unless you are well prepared to be altered by the music through the little (?) thing you sport as a core. The hallmark of a successful ambient record, of course, lies in its capacity to cast that particular spell on your awareness and on your nervous system. The disc does everything in its power to incorporate the ancient tribal vibes in a skillfully researched production environment, but be aware that the album primarily is of an ambient character, - spiced up by frequent, yet meditate drumming - and the assumed image of your personal comfort remains a navigational beacon throughout this journey. This isn't a bad thing - this might be what you are looking for. The idea is to encourage you to connect with the inner self in case it fails to return your calls since you have last seen it. Sham(e)[an] on you then, call that self again, until it's her/him making the call.

Check out the project at the official site : > - here - <.

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