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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plastic Willow - Lunar Pulse review

Year : 2012
Genre : Alternative Experimental with Psychedelic tint
Label : Dead Sound Box
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

This analysis starts out with a quotation snippet taken from reviewed album's closing sentiments in the booklet.

"Lunar Pulse was created form the idea of life itself, it's meant to mimic life's simplicity. Van Jane Willow, the founder of Plastic Willow, wanted to leave the scene of synthetic voices with his experimental album by combining one take tracks with distorted loops. The aim of this album is to plant the idea that imperfection can still be acceptable, in hopes that one day the seed will grow."

The disc is a fluent-, even radical success when scrutinized from the angles it seeks to offer compliments to. This statement demands clarification, and here it goes : the Lunar Pulse LP seems to be an almost entirely-, uncompromisingly and hilariously depressive release that offers momentary respite only to find perverted pleasure taking it all away a second later. The music is a mixture of abstract-, deliberately and most often threateningly spaced out experimental sonic ornamentics, reigning in the form of toxic radioactive icing on top of clearly identifiable compositional structures that promise no hope for your good mood whatsoever.

The audio data deliberately reeks AND embraces hopelessness and exhibits zero interest in the scant promise of the antitheses of it, - hope is the cheapest commodity anyway - though never falling into the trap of seeking your sympathy for the pain it is under. The album is a status report. If you can relate : bad fucking luck. If not, good-, at least better for you. The Lunar Pulse LP has this rare quality that it remains consequently serious with its radical lyrical themes, reigning content with an image of music that is on the hunt to explore various ways of delicate decomposition, yet never crosses the line of becoming of its own parody courtesy of overtly detailed suffering-history. There are numerous interpretation fields to be found, anyway - more on those later on. Click to familiarize yourself with this contribution.

The disc features two favorite pastimes : the first one contains a more pronounced tendency to lean towards gently presented decay-synth pop, while the other direction is a pretty orthodox variant of bonfire music via guitar and vocal cords. These guitar-centric installments are abundant in gentle ornamentics, too. Gentleness is Key throughout the disc : the package has no so called "power"-, no "will" left to be angry, or even "truly" energetic, which is a quite commendable state to stuck to with such rigor. Once again : the package primordially is depressive, but it does all that in a way that truly has the capacity to rig C4 all over your will to exist. As such, feel free, even invited to consider the delivery a honest test to see what truly is up with you. It is safe to say that you will be kept in the loop all the way through, most often quite literally. If you can listen to this disc with a huge smile being put on your face, then you either have slashed your face open or you reign in dire need to consult a shrink - or both.

As the disc progresses, a relative shift is observable towards decayed bonfire music. These songs pack the same central charms the synth pop entries are seeking to reveal, yet an even more pronounced urge to deliver "playful" lyrics, is observable throughout them. Once you immerse yourself in the lyrical themes, it seems to me that a healthy amount of the content flatters vampiristic lamentations. As if the disc would be a playfully but honestly depressing present from a pack of vampires to another pack of vampires, you know, those of the punkish-, nihilistic niche, whom you can find in that sleazy vampire bar of the superb True Blood series.

Question is : are you going to a vampire bar hoping you won't get feasted on, or, are you going to a vampire bar hoping that you WILL get feasted on?

Don't answer just yet.

Listen to this record, THEN contemplate the question I just asked.

Check out Plastic Willow's Lunar Pulse at the project's official site : www.plasticwillow.com

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