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Monday, August 15, 2011

Deceased - Surreal Overdose review

Year : 2011
Genre : Thrash Death Hybrid
Label : PATAC Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.5 / 10

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If there is one singular aspect to extreme metal that can not be mimicked without the attempt at trickery becoming obvious, it is authenticity. Veteran stillness eradication squad Deceased brings to you such level of authentically, inventively and relentlessly berserk style of sonic nuke parade that the resultant stimuli reigns way beyond the harshly limited capacity of the tools calibrated to deliver an even remotely rational and/or necessary criticism. Here is the thing : you WANT to hear this, or you really DON'T want to. There is no need for rationality here, as Deceased's Surreal Overdose employs both the masterfully operated will and skill to make the music roar in oh!, so many flamboyant and so effective ways, serving a - well - overdose of irresistible and surprising compliments directed towards the infinite faces of delicately complex-, yet, at the same time, truly manic and berserk level thrashing.

Good news galore! Deceased's fatigueless carnage mode, contrary to what you may frequently hear in the - logically enough - respective performances of other bands, has a clear agenda and the consorting musical shape for it all the time. A constant sense of larger than life, rational and smart rabidness AND a commitment to keep to it is superbly revealed, a key element that elevates this declaration to the top of the heat simply by the size and the sharpness of the teeth it chases your ass with. It seems safe to say that the intricately stacked, luscious silence massacre contained on this spin has all the bearings of an immediate benchmark, simply because this release does not try to be a supremely badass thrash/death album. Instead, it "simply" shatters your definition of the aforementioned terms via thrusting you proper into the nearest possible wall, keeping you from falling to the floor, courtesy of the incoming sonic mayhem roaring into your face. Read on to find out more about the feel of this exquisite contribution.

The absolute least you can say about Surreal Overdose is that it is an exceptionally special and serious delivery, because the music contained on it, simply does not do the regular extreme - ouch - things you are accustomed to hear. Deceased does not bow down to anything, not for the groove, not for the riff, not for the noise, not for any comfortably identifiable patterns. Music itself gets brutally abused herein via getting constantly executed and revived, just to be executed again in another hilarious manner, but hell, let me tell you that music has a whoooole lot of fun in this process. Rare are the times when you are subjected to sonic data that deliberately exiles the timelessly traditional elements of music, - including in this class the extremities of it - AND still emerges as something deeply significant and exquisitely special, nevertheless. It is easy to generate at heart pointless fusions of autonomous sonic entities and be relatively delighted about the necessary legitimacy of the emerging pattern, but Deceased truly worships and rapes the soul of extreme music, and not for a single second it takes a compromise with anything you might be accustomed to hear that supposed to be : "extreme".

As noted, these musicians think and operate way beyond the categories of riffs and grooves and noise-rampant, and they are seeking for the Source of grooves and riffs and the extreme instead. They are projecting magnificent lights on the surface of this vast Source, going for the touch upon all the rabid interceptions of locations and patterns of interest the record itself is a robust testament of. The Source of the extreme itself is touched upon by the spin, and it sounds to be rather happy about it.

This beyond all sane and insane doubts is an immediate masterpiece that brings with itself that extremely rare capacity to ruthlessly find-, touch-, and celebrate the mere meaning of extreme music, as opposed of addressing its skin details without end for the sake of addressing it. Deceased's Surreal Overdose is the record a young thrash band collectively, happily and immediately jumps into a pool of gasoline with an ignited joint in hand for. This is high definition sci-fi music. If you did not catch the drift yet here, then let me give you a final hint on the matter : Deceased's Surreal Overdose is one profoundly magical spin, and you want to hear it. And yes, your neighbor wants to, too.

Rating : 9.5 / 10

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  1. Extreme, deranged and what a way to go berserk after a truly long wait. It seems that the older generation are somehow trying to show the youngsters who are in the genre floating both in physical and spiritual ways how to actually fucking do it right.

    They are not doing something new but still doing it justice and authentically in their own way, Deceased way. Sonically this is solid. Vocals are grating for me, finding it hard to get past by but his drumming compensates for it I guess. Good review and thanks for highlighting this.

  2. Does he deliver the vocals at concerts while on the drums as well, I wonder?

  3. Nah, he just clones himself and does it both I guess.


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