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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blood Edition - Cutting the Director review

Year : 2011
Genre : Death Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Italy
Rating : 7.5 / 10

Italian trauma trio Blood Edition attempts an attempt on your me(n)tal and anatomical health via the popcultural appeal of a Manhunt poster, teaming up with radical lamentations of hospital horror antics being taken seriously.

There is music included as well, and this one is not a tad worse than what you would righteously expect from an extreme death metal band eager to show off their concept of proper and manic guitar abuse stacked on top of atomic blast beats, quite suitable to convince your friendly neighborhood to consult their real estate agents or an ideal hitman.

The album spins for a 40 minutes of 40 eternities, as there are no pauses or any notable decreasement in the radical intensity that characterizes the output right from the beginning to the very last audible note of it. The question remains : what can the Italian trauma trio do with 40 minutes of death metallic "and-you-don't-stop" in order to keep your ears and imagination entertained? Read on to find out, while you're making yourself comfy on that stretcher over there.

The 9 tracks - 3 bonuses are included at the latter portion of the LP, making it a 12 shots spin - cultivate a similar blueprint throughout the record. As mentioned, radical intensity is pretty much omnipresent, yet the bold rhythmic variations of the drums, combined with the tendency of a low tuned stringed section to throw around intricately raw and rawly intricate riffs, manage to keep your ears entertained and your curiosity engaged. The only obvious downside that becomes noticeable right when the second track starts off, is the fetish of the band towards the deepest possible musical note they can produce on their stringed instruments. The compositions themselves are acceptable, yet it sounds like the majority, if not all of them are exhibiting a valiant urge to gravitate towards that particular deepest note. While there is not much wrong with this at all, and effectively nothing, in case you plan to listen to one or two tracks during one sitting/rampaging, it remains safe to say that the record delivers its content along one particular prime sonic resonance level, as a good portion of tracks utilize the same musical key. Surely enough, you could regard this as a benefit, as opposed to regard it as a deficit. Can't argue about tastes? Wrong. Only tastes you can argue about.

The production is thick, naked and packs a legit bite, with each pivotal component of the overall mix standing muscular, rabid, and clearly audible. The kick, the snare, the hi-hats, the growl of the guitar, the hum of the bass are all there in their respective full glory to immerse you in this roller coaster nightmare-ride, while the vocal inputs are coming in the classical death metal registers, consisting of two kinds of furious modes of passionate declaration : the low-pitched growl, and a higher pitched scream, each delivered by a separate - no pun intended - dismember. Band member, sorry. Pig squeals are abundantly offered, as well.

If you find 40 minutes a tad less than what you would expect to get from an LP, then rest assured that you will be totally content by the sonic beating you will find yourself legendary suffering in when the spin reaches its middle point. After all, 40 minutes of hospital horror are 40 minutes at the shores of hell, and intensity itself does not like to be over-intensified. As such, the complexity and anger this record communicates itself by, guarantees an exhausting and thorough ride for that 40 minutes, because, remember : brakes are NOT included on that stretcher of yours.

Rating :

7.5 / 10

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  1. Hello GyZ, I dig your music. This is a test comment, so don't get too excited. Heard you suck emencely at pig squeals though. Zat true.


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