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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Unisonic - Unisonic review

Year : 2012
Genre : Traditional Spandex Heavy Metal
Label : earMUSIC - Worldwide
            Marquee/Avalon - Asia
Origin : Germany
Rating : 7.0 / 10

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Unisonic is a traditional spandex heavy metal project from Germany with many illustrious members in its ranks. Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen, Mandy Meyer, Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou are ready and eager to take you to the old school-, radio friendly side of the all-things-metal planet, as this self titled affair of the Unisonic ensemble is a larger than life flow of pretty continuous tributes towards the skirted Puma shoe and the VHS video clip ethos of the '80s.

The disc is an immediate recommendation for the Scorpions fan, and this notion on its own should give you a general idea of this music on exhibition : this is data with a highly noticeable verse-chorus-verse-intermission-huuuugehuge chorus affection served to the listener throughout, and I personally think that you need to give the record some tolerant facetime before dismissing it as a release solely dwelling on yesterday's music, though it undeniably does that, and nothing much beyond said and satisfied agenda. But there ARE pleasant surprises, and I don't mean the powerless James LaBrie sighs at the end of the sung lines. Read on to find out more about the delivery.

Deviations from the deeply conservative metal-anatomy are present, but nut numerous. WOW. What a perplexing typo, definitely got to leave that one intact. Tracks on the delivery like "I've Tried" summon a sense of musical freshness and legitimate ideas, - I actually like this song, top notch chorus-hook - but, a good amount of the installments herein choose to rely on supremely exploited chord passages, road-motor sport music construction techniques and glam metal antics. Hell, even Lion King rock music is supplied to you. What the fuck. You need to sport balls of kryptonite to deliver lyrics with lines like : "no one feeeeels my pain." I do, trust me.

To give you an example of how "efficiently" the band can give you a song when they actually have none in mind whatsoever, listen to the track "Never Change Me." This is a good song to show you how uninspired the disc can be at times. The chord progression that serves as the spine of this song is the favorite one of Lady Gaga. I have nothing against the chick, by the way, and I can imagine how relieved she is right now.

I have the personal feeling that the disc is not only fond of what seems to me as unjustified cheesefest overdose, but it indulges in it with content satisfaction and alert enthusiasm. Since the case seems to be that without a convincing hint of doubt packed with it, I must submit to the notion that the planet probably gives place to a whole set of individuals looking for the the emotional disposition the delivery elaborates on with trusty routine-exigency. Not too much above radio friendly ore-ordinary, but nothing less than that.

Lead "vocillist" Michael Kiske mostly spends his time in his comfort zone, - his powerless sighs reek the James LaBrie terror, be cautious!! - and there is no doubt whatsoever that he has the lungs to skyrocket towards Jupiter if and when need dictates. I have a related qualm nevertheless, as Dr. Kiske tends to deliver the powerless sighs at the end of the epic belts that Dr. LaBrie used to give Dr. GyZ nervous breakdowns with. "And I've seen youuuuAAHH....! In my dreeeeuuuuuAAAHMaaaaah....!" Highly irritating.

The delivery exhibits very decent and soberly limited production values that even the most miserable music critic must bow a head or two to if he is mutant enough for that. The album clocks in at 50 minutes, and it does everything with the tools it recruits to be at its constant disposal during the fray. An immediate recommendation for enthusiastic fans of old school radio friendly spandex metal, while, for the more reluctant, this is a record to reaffirm or readjust your percepts and related emotions regarding all the elements you think you find relatively tedious in this family friendly subgenre of metal.

Rating : 7.0 / 10

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