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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tha Sleepwalkers - Sub-Conscience review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop Mixtape
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Kei-Shon Son is the primordial Dr. Octopus behind Tha Sleepwalkers Hip Hop Collective, and I must say that the Sub-Conscience mixtape of said ensemble channels the high quality sense of straightforward contemporary ghetto rap as I know it. It is safe to say that the grooves the tame rants are packed on are finely constructed sonic entities with never less than four or five layers of continuous happenings to them.

Modal variation and sober limitation is maintained throughout the nine rap-track-rojectiles coming your way on this mixtape, even better : they turn after you in mid-air if you are a dodgy type, and won't hurt you in the process at all. This - surprise, surprise - is peaceful ghetto hip hop. The release reeks authenticity an honesty supported by a muscular, soberly controlled synth pop vibe as musical backdrop. Read on to find out more about this mature hip hop delivery.

The songs are giving a great representation of ghetto life that seems to have changed little if any in character since the jungle laws and dominance rules depicted in Ernest R. Dickenson's 1992 movie Juice. Kei-Shon Son takes you through his resident reality tunnel with an eloquent set of clever rhymes and chop-flow to it, addressing/tributing the favorite rhetorics of ghetto hip hop as if he were doing it since 21 years. Reason being : he probably did that indeed.

The album mainly shows an upper mid-tempo interest as a premiere affection and reflects the young emotional disposition of the artist and related Collective quite efficiently : the delivery is not at all depressed nor disillusioned, nor does it exhibit any urges to intimidate. Quite the contrary : this is loose, smoooooth hip hop that does not seek to knock your teeth down your throat with a double barreled shotty at all to set the tone. Despite the hilariously depicted everyday average traumas, - : "bills on top of bills on top of bills on top of bills!", who can not relate to THAT one in a ghetto environment - the suggested answer never is to suffer one of your favorite nervous breakdowns, Kei-Shon Son instead always offers an acceptable emotional/spiritual perspective to escape the clutches of hopelessness from with.

"The key to hard work is really just showing up." < - this is a much more clever line form Kei-Shon Son than you'd first think it is.

The artist - I should say, "tha" artist - never loses focus and thought during the mixtape, and this capacity, along with the readiness to shape the will to go on is the mark of a hip hop character consensus - fortunately - needs to reckon with. The main reason behind this notion is that Tha Sleepwalkers collective, as noted, is not at all reliant on the just usual type of gangsta-intimidation. I can't remember hearing "running with the AK47 buckin' heated heavy!" - though I love that song all day long. Kei-Shon Son is the bravest kind of hip hop artist, braver than one with a rocket power grenade and the twelve gauge, because he believes enough in his trade to offer it to the world without the highly usual subterfuge-antics and the 9mm-with-your-name-on-it rhetorics. This is peaceful-, nevertheless highly relevant hip hop that demands your attention if you are any kind of a rap aficionado.

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Check out Tha Sleepwalkers official site here.

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