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Monday, March 5, 2012

Red Lamb - Red Lamb review

Year : 2012
Genre : Cabaret Thrash Metal
Label : Roadrunner Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 6.5 / 10

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Red Lamb is the cartoon-thrash metal project of Dan Spitz, - don't believe the press release, there is nothing alternative metal on this - former lead guitarist and notability of Anthrax. Dave Mustaine, the key figure of Megadeth also has collaborated on this album, as co-producer. The material itself is pretty anti-staggering, and here is why : this spin almost entirely sounds to me as the latest Megadeth album.

This, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing, - nor necessarily the opposite - and it can even be the best you could hope for if this is the kind of music you are looking for right now. I personally tend to think that the character of the sonic warfare obtainable on this release is pretty hyper-orthodox cabaret thrash metal, I dare say, family friendly thrash metal. (Yeah, I could say "tired", "non-inspired", or "routine" if I were to be a troll.) Read on to find out more about the release.

The songs seem to follow and utilize the compositional techniques so keenly used by Dave Mustaine himself, but the content itself, in my opinion never manages to deliver audio data that which I feel is a must to revisit after being subjected to it on one occasion. I feel you. Thank you, don't come again. The album, much to my sorrowful frustration, features the terrible rhetorics when the narrator spouts out pseudo-powerful rants and malevolent declarations to scattered-on-the-floor cabaret-guitar riffs, like a psychedelic circus director would while under the influence of needing a desperate attention-fix. This is exactly as serious for a musical experience as Inspector Gadget is for a psychohorror. It is easy to spot the points when Dave Mustaine has absofuckinglutely nothing to say to you, because those are the moments he utilizes this type of rhetorics by. Highly boring and tolling to endure, and I remember the day I came to this very realization, noting that the problem is not with me, Dave simply plays shit music sometimes.

There is zero place devoted to open-minded experimentation and/or notable ambition to deviate from hyper-orthodox, risk free lightweight thrash on this delivery, instead everything tends to weigh in as tireless, BUT very much tired variants on the tendencies and methodologies used by family friendly cabaret thrash metal. This is routine stuff, and this is the thrash metal you are free to show to your grandma, she will like it. Dan Spitz sings pretty much like Dave Mustaine does, what is the deal with that? Strange, strange development, but not a disturbing one. Dan, in fact, sounds to have an even more wider vocal range than the pipes of Dave Mustaine cover, as there are some vocal passages herein that Mustaine in my opinion would not be able to belt out, but, luckily, he would not even try to.

Believe it or not, I do not want to be a douché with this release, because the enthusiasm behind it is evident, - and nothing more or else behind it is such - but I am virtually forced to wrap this review up by saying that I could not find a single thing-, nor a single second on this spin that managed to register on my Geiger counter as being of the "this is the shit!" category. Hyper-orthodox-, pretty much traditional detective cartoon thrash with no vile intentions in it at all. Family friendly thrash. Cabaret thrash. Inspector Gadget thrash. This is Megadeth from 1992, and this is not bad. It's just Megadeth from 1992. Nothing less, nothing else. And you decide if this matters.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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