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Friday, August 15, 2014

Love Monopoly - God Game

Lyrics :


why do you still play the god game?
love already has a name


I really don't understand your scene
love remains your medicine

so I will fuck you up if you pray
for yourself, anyway
you're falling under false pretense

love monopoly
that's what I want to see
let's care about making it dense

life is happenstance
what's your favorite excuse
when given every chance?

love is in your hands
this is how you succeed
or fuck it up again

make me understand
what is there that makes you
fail to understand

peace is not an option
peace is the option

let's care about making it dense

I love you
you what?
I love you

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Supreme General - The Supremacy EP review

Year : 2011
Genre : Hip Hop
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

This review starts out with a quotation snippet taken from the biography section of the official site.

"The Supreme General describes his work as “aggressively intelligent hood music.” What distinguishes him from other contemporary rap artists is his intensity, virility and uncompromising bravado. “I’m a never give yourself an excuse to lose kind of guy,” he proclaims, “I represent the anti-sensitive.” His ultimate goal is for The Supreme General to be synonymous with the rap genre, much like Mohammed Ali is synonymous with boxing. Closer to home, he hopes to shatter stereotypes and to serve as living proof that “black men from the ‘hood are strong and intelligent.”

Read on to know more about the music.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thomas Brunkard - The Never Ending Album review

Year : 2014
Genre : classical, spaghetti, noir, cinematic, blues, experimental
Label : Independent
Origin : Ireland
Where to check it out : > - here - <

This review starts out with an informational snippet describing the shared dynamics of thought and creative ambition behind the reviewed project.

The Never Ending Album is a Soundcloud stream that will be continually expanded for as long I can make music. It's a dynamic album - traditional albums are now largely made redundant by the internet. This aims to marry the curatorship of a traditional album with the internet audience’s need for continual content.

These are my favourite tracks from my own works that I'll keep adding to as I deem something worthy.

If you enjoy the work here and would like to help me make more you can purchase my music from a range of online retailers as listed on my website:

You're support be it by liking, commenting or buying is heartfelt and appreciated.

Read on to know more about the tracks that so far are the components of the project.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Charming Timur - A Brief Moment of Existence review

Year : 2014
Genre : Experimental, Metal
Label : Independent
Origin : Finland
Official site : > - here - <

This review starts out with a brief, introductory quotation snippet taken from the official BandCamp site of the reviewed contribution.

"Charming Timur is a one man musical planecrash not limiting to any genres in particular, but mostly revolving around Modern Metal, Nu Metal and various genres with the word "Post-" in front. Located in Helsinki."

The name of the game indeed is massively guitar centered silence massacre, coming to you focused and fine tuned along the rather brave-, nevertheless rigorously controlled variety. While the given musical space is molested with scientific grit, the production values reflect a constant awareness of how to prevent bleedthrough between the sonic elements, so each and every component is displayed in their respective anatomy in fully exhibited fashion.

Charming Timur is correct in saying how his personal taste of metal encompasses multiple fascinating extremities of it, since, interestingly enough, metal - as a main genre - itself incorporates a myriad variants of musical rhetorics and modal characteristics. As such, while the album starts out with a gritty/hefty mid-tempo opening that surely gets you in the mood to get through a door without ever touching a door knob, the second track is an immediate-, both risky and ballsy tour of trepidation into such a relentless brand of heavily sludge infected black metal that brings to mind immediate and rather pleasant Lord Mantis connotations. As you subject yourself to the full value experience, Charming Timur's definite and eloquently channeled black metal fascination is rendered rampant/evident in front of your curious ears and pineal gland. Read more to know about this album.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a listening session on the works of Lars Rüetschi

Swiss guitar wizard Lars Rüetschi long has realized one of the more significant indications of how a person holds a mature inner view of music - as this vision becomes more intact and tasteful, the more significant and communicative each note becomes to that person, and the evolving player - for the socioculturally challenged : playa - tends to use less and less of them in a musical statement, still of course being driven by the constant attempt to explore the optimum meaning of each sound.

Note: this is not to say that Michael Angelo Batio would perform illegal operations via minigunning 222 notes per second your way, - as a warmup exercise - it's just that one simple motive of those MAB statements necessarily demands this furious pace and precision, as Michael Angelo Batio's music incorporates the unconcealed desire to leave you speechless via its scientifically streamlined nuclear energy - and this, of course, is a perfectly valid agenda.

The highly productive Lars Rüetschi sounds to be evolving through a creative period in which he takes his time exploring the significance of notes both as legs on a table that hold up harmonies, and, as elements of soloistic passages that remain content with their anatomies as long as their silhouettes manage to conform to their harmonic environments, as opposed of mocking them around - taking risks - and look either bad or genius in the process. Risks are not taken, and, as such, no risks are present of offending the "seasoned" lazy listener. This is as beneficial a trait of this creative period as is a hindrance of it, but this hindrance equally is necessary, - for an album or two - as this will become the very burden to be discarded - provided that Rüetschi will want to exhibit a readiness to dismiss the shackles of politely behaved harmonies.

The music itself is lush, reverberating, wet, and, most importantly: safe. Safe with almost all activities you can think of. The best current aspect of Rüetschi's music that I'm picking up on, is a relentless and insatiable urge to approach the form/the idea/the ethos of harmony from numerous different ways, yet the dominant solo language, as noted, is more indicative of an intent to extend the anatomies of the underlying chords. You could say, "But hey, isn't this what soloing is about?" In an optimal world, soloing is about making everyone FORGET that this is what soloing - secretly, but not silently - is about. Like this guy does : Another Challenger.

Lars Rüetschi seems to share some or all levels of this very notion I just offered, and to my ears, it sounds like that the component he needs to obtain to reach the next level of personal musical evolution, is a tad more intent to move out of his current comfort zones, as I suspect there he could find and showcase patterns of unprecedented eloquence. A talented artist with an extremely keen sense of harmony. Check out Lars Rüetschi on Amazon here.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

In The Whale - Self Titled EP review

Year : 2014
Genre : Glam Rock with a Sludge affection
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - < and > - here - <

This review starts out with a verbatim quotation of the band biography snippet that has came with this review order.

In the Whale is a high energy, two piece rock band hailing from Denver, CO. Members Nate Valdez (vocals and guitar) and Eric Riley (drums and backing vocals) have been making no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall rock songs since they formed the band in 2011.

Since then, the two have stayed busy exploring the seedier sides of Denver that ¬inspires their music. In 2012 they released their first EP, ‘Cake’, and followed it up with the EP, ‘Eric’, in late fall 2013. In between releases the band has been featured in national commercials for Victory Motorcycles and have played with a stupid number of artists you'd happily phone home about. In addition to sharing stages with bands like Murder by Death,¬ Local H, Reverend Horton Heat and Electric Six, the band has hit the road and played alongside The Airborne Toxic Event, Agent Orange, Bob Log III, The Pack A.D. and Slash.

Read on to know more about the disc.

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