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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Evolution of the Groove - Miracle track rewview

Year : 2018
Genre :Funk Rock
Origin : United States
Where to check it out: > - here - <

This review starts off with an informative snippet about the origins of the band, taken directly from the official SoundCloud of the ensemble.

Funk, rock, R&B, Hip-hop, soul, gospel, jazz: These are the elements that have molded and shaped the core sound, as well as, the overall experience that is Evolution of The Groove. Originally founded in 2010 by Steven Cunningham and Chris Sclafani, the band focused on combining the elements of each member’s background to create a new and unique sound that would emphasize the preservation of the ever lasting “Evolution” and “Groove” that is music, which is demonstrated by their brand new sound with everything from high energy, in-your-face jams, to soothing meaningful beats, featuring emotional lyrics as well as invigorating instrumentals.

"Miracle" is an excellent example of straight-to-the-point funk-pulsation, heightened by a rock heft, yet tamed with firm hands amidst the fields of slick melodic sensuality, courtesy of a wise-, yet soberly traditional choice of harmonics. One area in which the song immediately emerges to distinguish itself from the fray, is the excellent vocal performance of the female lead, periodically supported by a decently performed male counterpart, a sound/narration that is fortunately wise enough as to not attempt to challenge the female principle, it instead chooses to submit to it, thereby showcasing the former in its optimal sonic volumetrics. 

A stone traditional, yet very efficient verse is traded for a surprisingly effective chorus structure, in which the band declares complete freedom to express the best inventions they have happened to sculpt into audible stimulus, and this climax certainly does not disappoint, supplying enough interest to keep the keenest of ears occupied. One relative hindrance is, that once the particularly interesting chorus reaches its conclusion, the re-occurring verse structure can't help but reveal its less challenging appeals. Yet, one can be sure that the chorus will re-surface, and the excitement factor regarding this anticipation won't really dissipate into nothingness during the entirety of the track.

"Miracle" is doubtless a quite solid effort, and one has a hunch that this ensemble has all the chance in the world to open up a hatch or two directly into Funk-Sezame in the future, a happenstance likely to be realized as soon as they decide to invite a little bit more experimental spirit into their craft, of which they already exercise a solid command and a sober understanding.

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