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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cruciamentum - Engulfed in Desolation EP review

Year : 2011
Genre : Death Metal with Thrash Groove and Sludge tendencies
Label : Nuclear Winter Records
Origin : United Kingdom
Rating : 8.8 / 10

Cruciamentum's Engulfed in Desolation EP sounds and acts as the perfect aural narrative to wander around on the joycrusher scenery reigning supreme on the efficient cover art. It always is truly nice to witness quality analogue artwork as opposed to the shameless, z-grade Photoshop exploitation not sufficiently rare to recent day production trends. Check the pseudo-worthless cover (f)art of this toy metal release, for a gruesome example of unacceptably non-inspired visual terror reigning evident, rampant, triumphant on the unsuspecting mind of the good willed beholder.

Luckily, Cruciamentum's Engulfed in Desolation EP is not only out there to sacrifice your mom, (using your possessed body to conduct the ritual, naturally) but it also shows an uncompromising consistency in its effortless, sumptuous agenda to weigh in as an utterly humorless and - logically enough - (un)dead-serious declaration, and this commitment yields 24 minutes of anti-purified sonic intensity that registers to your receptors as more meaningful and relevant audio data than that obtainable from the largely risk free variant of routine death metal, armed with a fake satisfaction on top of the shallow act of relying on the essential components of the genre, but not even WANTING to do something evidently significant with the abused entities. Still with me? Fucking pervert. Read on to find our more about this eloquent death metal release, that which doubtless exhibits increased capacity to imbue its own genre with the eminent/lethal potentiality of a fresh breath of crimson hellfire. 

Cruciamentum's charisma, in my opinion, is rooted in the conscious decision of choosing caveman death metal as the focal field of operation, but not declining the respective charms of various other subgenres of metal, such as the hereby exhibited tendency to thrash, to groove, and, to spout sludge, even. Track number 2, called "Through Gates of Morpheus Realms" is a good example of how versatile and entertaining things can get here, as the band is ready and able to soak your ears into a myriad variation of tasteful metal stimuli, while remaining faithful at heart to the epitome of cavemanish sonic warfare I have just been telling you about. In this regard, the release is more humorless and more vile than this splendid delivery of similar character, yet, it also is a much more colorful offering than what the "older" school of death seems to relentlessly perpetuate to this very moment. As such, I admire the work for what it seeks to do, namely, to dress death into more audible colors than you most often see/hear it in.

The album's premiere shortcomings are some exhausted grooves here and there, embarrassingly flattering uninspired power chord bitchslappings, teamed up with the band's relative gravitation towards the bottommost note of the ensemble, that which is a related motor-obsession so easy to commit that it is a shame to, as well. Yes, if you are any sort of a (highly extreme) guitarist, then you feel a secretive urge that invites you to abuse the deepestestestestest note on your instrument, because that note resonates so freely and you look so badass while riding it, but, in my opinion you also want to-, you also need to cultivate a discretion in yourself that prevents a higher self from abusing consensus with the deepest note all the time whenever it looks for a new musical thought. A good example of deepest note abuse is witnessable on this release if you listen to the beginning of track 4 after the ending of track 3. You have pretty good chances of doing so naturally, too. Take heed and bear witness how these segments occupy the same sonic domain, and this always is a very mundane audio percept to be subjected to. Dudettes. Never start the consecutive song in the same key as the previous was in, I'm begging you shamelessly.

Rating : 8.8 / 10

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