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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Biohazard - Reborn In Defiance review

Year : 2012
Genre : Hardcore
Label : Nuclear Blast Records
Origin : United States
Rating : 9.5 / 10

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This here latest to date Biohazard LP brings down ultraterror, fake UFOs and old school hellfire upon all who is looking for a blemish in its full musculature fabric. These guys have been around since ancient times as far as I know, and let me tell you that their game looks as intact and fresh as ever. Biohazard brings to you a type of music bordering on the shared field of venomous thrash metal and rebellious groove metal, but administers this kind of rabid sonic data with a proud finger given to recent day polishment-production wizardry. The album sounds like you'd expect a post apocalyptic band to sound when witnessing them on a stage set up on the back of a warproof truck. The sonic data is equally gritty and lush, always packing the instant charisma of a lit up barrel and a Molotov cocktail, and that what the idea is, I tend to think. Read on to find out more about this heavy duty release.

Biohazard is all about the primer elements I personally think are amidst the most important building blocks of hefty music that seeks to waste stuff to obtain great spiritual satisfaction. These guys have the capacity to deliver sets and sets of intricate musical hooks per song, and not for a moment, you are taken for a fool like on a Nickelprick LP, abusing family proof soft rock chord progressions. I'll tell you a joke : Nickelback. Now, back to this Biohazard LP. The stimulus of this album comes from the heart, and shows constant capacity to flatter the mere heft in music you most probably signed on for. This album does not disappoint, not for a second, in my opinion. An intact, aggressive sonic fabric is achieved by the sober production decisions, making the album sound honest and "real", eliminating all need to rely on the recent day stock studio sound your gecko loves to drop saliva above.

While the sound manages to strike you as something truly fresh and - paradoxically enough - timelessly old school, the Reborn In Defiance LP weighs in as super heavyweight, courtesy of the trusty musicianship and destructoid songwriting witnessable on these tracks. Tasteful variation never relents, and the band showcases an apt readiness to flatter luscious riffcraft without shame and without end, and this particular aspect is KEY, of why these guys ARE the Grandmasters of the genre, and not just decent runner ups of it. Whereas other bands would be content with the elements/sections per song they already have, you can be sure that Biozahard always will have one extra surprise/section for you, regardless of the momentary behavior and intensity the current track cultivates.

This album sounds to me as a vastly authentic and immense release, and here is why : this disc contains the exact kind of music I hoped to hear from Biohazard. They give on this LP what I was hoping to get from them, only, they shape the form of their very best music in the process. I'll be honest with you, I love this Biohazard album, and, as such, I gratefully deem it an immediate recommendation.

Rating : 9.5 / 10

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