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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Offspring - Days Go By review

Year : 2012
Genre : Bubblegum Punk Poprock for Teenagers
Label : Columbia
Origin : United States
Rating : 4 / 10 if you are not a teenager, 8.5 / 10 if you are

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The Offspring band has put not less than 3 years of recording and production works into this album, - not without any pauses in the studio sessions, mind us - and the final results sound like a picture perfect-, risk free mixture between Green Day and Foo Fighters that is the epitome of "meh" in 2012, only it is played by grown ass men who pretend to be teenagers. Oh boy. No pun intended, no fun harvested. The album's title reeks honesty, and THAT's that.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire the cannons of denial!!!

Depending on your age, taste and/or sociocultural background, the release will likely hit you as a pathetic nuisance of ultralow musical relevance, or, it will be - no cynicism here  - your nostalgic sonic backdrop to the private remembrance of your very best teenage summer, but, to be so, you will need to have THAT teenage summer right here, right now - filled with all the beneficiaries you want it to be filled with.

So, if you are serious about the intent to enjoy this release, then make sure you are not more than 14, and crank this up while you party with people you feel yourself good with and vice versa. This is the same thing The Offsping guys are doing. Close to 40, (past, maybe?) they pretend that they are teenagers, and, once this is the line of work you are in, it is just normal, eh? Read on, but don't expect anything from this release other than a series of nervous breakdowns, IF you are in for the music.

This will be a super-short review, because, I feel there is no particular need to offer all that much elaborated opinions on this disc, since, as I just stated, its efficiency is VASTLY dependent on the state, on the calibration of the listener - sure, you could say this every time, but now the notion is more pronounced. If you are a grown-ass man and you are rocking out to this Hubba Bubba apple green pop-punk music, then you are fantastically pathetic. If you are a teenager though, and you are having fun with your friends on the beach-, or, on the backseat of the car traveling to the beach while this music is playing, well, then you are doing what The Offspring band wants you to do, and, amen to that, of course, if this is where you at and what you are at the moment.

Still I find it hilarious that it took 3 years to The Offspring guys to make this album. I feel you can make a bantamweight nuisance of a record like this any weekend of the month as long as there are chicks and trampoline basketball around. Go for it if you are a teenager, avoid if you want to hear effin legitimate music.

Rating : 4 / 10 if you are not a teenager, 8.5 / 10 if you are

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