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Friday, June 29, 2012

Chords of Truth - Reflections of Reality EP review

Year : 2012
Genre : Psychedelic Acoustic
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

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Jason Garriotte is the premiere mastermind behind the Chords of Truth enterprise, a psychedelic acoustic project immensely-, smartly-, and relentlessly focused on existentialist observations of all possible reality surfaces, fixated primarily on the one you will have the chance to absorb the project's debut EP through.

The delivery does not only claim that it happens to be an acoustic (guitar) project, it equally takes the liberty to rely solely on the combination of charisma contained in the organic connection between the timeless ringing of the acoustic guitar and between the sung human words. "Angie, 'zat Sunday Mornin'???" Think about a type of exigent bonfire music, which is primordially psychedelic in its rhetorical nature, and, in its musical character. Indeed, the EP reeks the music a prime Timothy Leary is probably ultra-happy with if and when he hears it along a random cosmos, - not to say that he is anything less or else than that in the process, of course - and the inherent intention, the key agenda of the package is to tamely encourage you to explore your inner and outer surroundings with honesty, while the disc also contains the personal model of reality Jason Garriotte is currently cultivating. Read on to find out more about the disc.

As suggested, the EP is supremely gentle, yet not at all smarmy in nature - being smarmy is not the intention. The language of the music is here both to tamely comfort and motivate you, like the final thoughts you'd provide a perfectly valid new soul with before it goes out exploring, you catch my drift? The build is deliberately going for a steady late '60s early '70s spiritual calibration, filling said limitless canvas with patterns exhibiting the shapes of recently conceived thoughts, armed with a smart tendency to include important key notions of non-dogmatistic modern science. Robert Anton Wilson thinks science can't prove a thing, because, proving a thing would require an infinite number of experiments, and you have no other chance than 1. agree, or 2. comment below on how and why he is wrong, or 3. be frustrated with this probable truth, that which though is designed to hold "only" on this reality surface on which you are reading this. What up, perv!

Funnily enough, the disc functions both as a legitimate take on the psychedelic acoustic aspect of music, while the lyrics - often clever in nature - are depicting flexible corridors you could walk/soar through if you'd want to find truth, which, according to the album, is hidden by design. It seems to be a reasonable observation, because, what value truth would have if that precious value would automatically be comprehensible and available at ultimate face value to "every-thing" automatically? Truth, in a way, probably is as whole as YOU personally can comprehend it to be, no limit is placed on your understanding and sophistication, not for the positive, nor for the negativistic. A similar, flexible train of thought seems to be observable on this EP, and it is especially interesting and rewarding to hear a contribution that rejects dogma without feeling the arrogant need to kick its butt around for fare fun, and is ready and able to take reality at face value, which contains Cthulhu and colossal women with perfect legs in stockings in it, I'm almost sure!!

Jason Garriotte sports a singing style that is totally appropriate for the agenda of the disc outlined above, and, on occasion, caressing pianos softly - the meaning of the Italian word "piano" is "softly" by the way, cool design, huh? - enter the fray to flatter the ringing of the acoustic guitar, but their presence is very discrete. SO discrete, that it makes you wonder if they are there at all, which is a very clever decision, production-wise. Sometimes, backing vocals are added to the tracks, contributing nice, sober, smartly limited ornamentics to the likable, straightforward lead of Jason Garriotte. He does not feel the need to showcase epic belting of stratospheric notes and whatnot, thank God & Co. The music is perfectly fine without those.

The whole package hilariously and rewardingly reeks the mood of the premiere psychedelic song "White Rabbit" from "Jefferson Airplane", and I'm pretty sure that Jason Garriotte loves said song at least as much as any other person who is loving it. What I especially have found beneficial regarding the project, is the instant availability of all the lyrics of the EP on the linked website, you do not even need to click around like a competent PTC turd to be kept in the loop while you are subjected to the music. A recommended listen for fans of ultra-tame psychedelic on the acoustic side of things, and, to tell you the truth, I'd be super-interested to hear a variant of Chords of Truth with a wider selection of instruments included on it. Do not get me wrong : this is a full value psychedelic acoustic spin As It Is, which is the exact same reason that makes me believe that a Chords of Truth album with more instruments on it - gentle drums, anyone? - would be a consecutive pattern one could approach with ultra-hedonistic inner joy - which is never too bad of a thing to sport - kept consistent.

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