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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Linkin Park - Living Things review

Year : 2012
Genre : Alternative Rock, Rap Poprock
Label : Warner Bros.
Origin : United States
Rating : 5.0 / 10

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Linkin Park's new record unfortunately shows a mixed fabric as its overall character, composed mainly of a family friendly rap poprock direction that enjoys the approval of your grandma's chihuahua, combined with c-grade pop, that which though is - more or less - decently realized in its servile superficiality, more on that later.

The disc initially reeks sexily and soberly bloated old school production values, and gradually moves towards the "charms"-, the sounds of an Eurovision contest, but Tomas Ledin's 1980 entry "Just Nu" sounds fresher than this disc, trust me. In fact, the release summons the vibes of boy groups from the '90s. The compositional ethos on display is straightforward enough to let me get away with a brief description of it. Consider a heavily hook-centered strategy to craft out the largely harmless musical themes, mainly along a mid-tempo temper. The name of the game, on paper, is rap rock, but, let's not pretend that it is a serious notion, as the album is much more pop in character than rock, and I personally find nothing wrong with that as an agenda - saved for the relatively ubiquitous proneness of the release to submit to radio friendly chord passages Johnny Cash does NOT approve of. The beneficial trait is, that the majority of these chord passages will serve out the rudimentary cravings of the lazy receptors on spot, yet, they will more than likely annoy the living death out of a snob worth calling one. Read on to find out more about the release.

The package features a little bit way too much of the over-emotive direction, but, hey, this is a subjective percept, - and you are a mancunt if you don't agree with me on this one, - and you can not seriously deny that the clean pop singing on the release ranges from solid to pretty great - it is just that some themes are very predictable and weightless, though they sometimes - not frequently, unfortunately - get salvaged by more efficient segments right in "mid-song". Track number 3, "Burn It Down" tells the story of this notion, and reigns as a good example of the record's more stable moments. The melody in the verse is pretty terrible '90s pop for fat cougars, - think Bad Boys Blue - then the song exhibits a much more efficient hook that packs balls and melodic elegance.

Not ALL songs feature rap sections, and this is something that I'm pretty pissed off with, to be honest. This will take away a whole point from the final score, because the rap sections that the disc features are easily more relevant and content-rich than the frankly, weightless pop inanities that the disc is a pretty stuffed galore of.

The LP is relatively short with its 36 minutes, but still weighs in as a thorough experience, courtesy of the harshly limited set of favorite ambitions that it serves out totally and completely by the mid-section. At the 1:45 minute mark in the song "Roads Unraveled", when the lead singer goes "wo-ooo-o" on your ass, you'll wish you'd be shown mercy by the superficial pop terror, but mercy, needless to say, never happens, when pop terror reigns. This song is one of the glorious anti-highlights of the album, and I can't image anyone else other than the 13 years old Japanese she-male wearing rabbit ears to be content with this song. The follow up track, "Skin to Dust" is not much better, either, to be honest.

The ending song is fantastically terrible in its cheesefastation popterror reign, too, and I don't like it. I'm not homophobic, but this song, "Powerless" is the epitome of ultrahomo under my roof, as you can see it reflected by its mere title. This song is terror. Embrace this STD, Lava'.

But, I don't want to be all too much douchey with the release, because, for the most part, it contains a remarkably-, in fact, pretty much pitifully super-commercialized shape of music that submits to the agenda of serving out semi-retarded anticipations and a coarse, lazy-ass taste - AND the lack of it, too - that are true embarrassments to cultivate. In this regard, this is an important release, because you will know that the person who considers this disc a superb one, is the same person you better not travel together in the elevator with. This is a mindhack.

Rating : 5.0 / 10

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