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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

deepfield - Nothing Can Save Us Now review

Year : 2011
Genre : Alternative Rock / Post Grunge
Label : In De Goot Recording
Origin : United States
Rating : 8.8 / 10

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The latest deepfield - the "d" always is lower case, according to my n1 Intranet Goddess Wikipedia - LP, called Nothing Can Save Us Now is an alternative rock / post grunge output that won't relent until its strong melodies and choruses bend you to the album's - good - will. Radio-friendly but not at all salivated cliché like Nickelback's latest shitsniffer LP Here and Now, deepfield never approaches your receptors without a clear, exigent musical idea in the soul, and the realization is pretty lush and soberly controlled, too : the sound, though radio friendly in character, never loses grit and dignity, - though the chorus of the track "So Far Away" is a pretty frightening Aerosmith-ballad-wannabe - and breaths life into a series of slick, integral post-grunge compositions that have nothing to be ashamed of even when measured to the extremely demanding standards of the genre defining grunge-giants of the early '90s. Creating fine alternative rock seems to require both the fine hook and the fine chorus, and it is safe to say that deepfield takes its favorite form of music mad-serious, which is the only acceptable stance in this genre. Guys, let's talk about the music.

Nothing Can Save Us Now is a highly appealing-, mostly tame alternative rock delivery that never fails to deliver fine collisions between thoughtful melody and cunning harmonies, regardless of the temper of the actual song you are listening to at the moment. The record has a variety of most cultivated moods, and, among these, the wild heart at inner peace calibration is the most evident and most prominent, which does not stop the record from working quite superbly even when it goes a bit more aggressive - track called "Shiner" - or if it goes radically tame to deliver a lament of menacing gloom, like the last song of this LP. The only moment this record gives me the shivers by, is in the song "These Words" : this track utilizes a modulation trick, you know, when everything is untouched, but the key is shifted.


The key factor that will determine the premiere function of this disc in your reality flow, not too surprisingly, is deeply dependent on your personal needs you construct that flow along. As noted, deepfield's latest is not a primordially angry release, and it is very much far from serving out any cheaply constructed inner anxieties and boring beginner level miseries, as well. Your best bet is to check out the first track of this sexy contribution, which is a pretty compact assessment of the things you will find the most of on the spin : the chorus is pretty sick here in my opinion, and only the pre has a tint of Aerosmith, which is OK, because the pre is only 3 seconds long.

Nothing Can Save Us Now shows character-similarities to Italian Amantyde's latest from a certain point of view, and that is none other than both discs have this very clear shared agenda on their mind to enrich their host-genres with relevant content without abusing shortcuts and clichés, and neither album relents until they accomplish this commanding goal in a fruity fashion. Keep in mind that you would be wrong to form a final opinion on this LP based on the first three tracks of it, because, one of its most delicious traits is its flamboyancy it handles its own moods with, and the tamer mood is not exclusive to the album, it will have intensity, too, if you give it the time. deepfield's latest is serious, accessible alternative rock music with serious, accessible, elegant hooks and choruses, and the album, as such, is highly recommended.

Rating : 8.8 / 10

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