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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hans Inglish - Dance Druggie track review

Year : 2013
Genre : Dance with a Synthpop affection
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Where to check : > - here - <

New York based unsigned disco wiz' Hans Inglish is looking to ignite all dancefloors near you and then some with his fresh dance/synthpop declaration "Dance Druggie". You might wonder if is it the proper time to hide your daughter in the closet with her assets attached, and it really is dependent on the generic awareness level and mod(a)(e)l disposition of said entity.

Hans English starts out the fray with a tastily bloated Detroit techno synth (a classic timber!!) which is flattered swiftly by good old 4/4 pummeling - the hook willingly submits to orthodox dancefloor/bounce pop traditions by relying on an elegant, simplistic chord progression that serves its efficient multi-purpose functionality both as track culmination and verse structure. The focal idea herein seems/sounds to be to make you acquainted enough with the lyrics so you can sing along while moving your body in an intentionally rhythmic fashion, - or, if you just have a seizure, sorry about that - and it really is a matter of your personal level of current sophistication - AND the amount and types of stimuli your system is operating with at the present moment - if you submit to the music, nevertheless the song doubtless is compatible with the timeless act of scanning for a gal who is a m4n14c on the floor and is not afraid to show it. Beware though, because you might find her, and pray for someone or at least for something that it is not JUST your imagination. (Yet.)

Check out the video with lyrics embedded in a nicely designed Flash animation format : > - here - <

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