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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sing with Señor - Uno Dos review

Year : 2012
Genre : Educational Acoustic Pop Reggae
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official site : > - here - <

Sing with Señor started out as a warm hearted educational project directed to help children master the basics of the Spanish language, simply by incorporating the lessons into accessible melodies. Don't be so quick to approach this project as you normally would. While you already have heard this concept before both in practice and in theory, the creative dynamic duo behind the project - Felipe Canete and Soleil Kelley - without doubt took the concept a step further than the usual stock-appeal of a family friendly TV matinee. The music, while centered heavily on the sheer timeless charisma of tender, fat acoustic guitars, is very tastefully engineered and presented, flowing both easily and straightforwardly to your receptors. Simplistic-, nevertheless unmissable musical exigency is a main defining factor of the LP, that which invites children, and - much to the initial bewilderment of the men behind the project - their parents, too, to catch up with the tunes and sing along with the musical lessons. Read on to find out more about this project.

Sing with Señor is as much of a language school for children as is a full blown-, legitimate musical project, the latter being the result of an ubiquitous intent to silhouette and THEN maximize the charm of extremely tender-, risk free matinee music. The tracks are packed by assuaging, brisk acoustic sounds and friendly clean singing, exhibiting a rather flamboyant and admirable tendency to differ from each other throughout certain secondary aspects. For example, the children chorus is not an all-time addition to color, to spice up the central themes with. It is quite safe to say that the individual tracks do not refrain from introducing soberly limited complexity into their respective structures on occasions, and the character of this style tends to take on the form of exigent reggae pop, loved by the children, and, secretly (¿?) loved by their parents, too. ¿This is the Spanish way to ask a question, did you know?

All in all, the magic of Sing with Señor is only two clicks and a second away from you, and you need to be one extremely bitter person to miss out on it entirely. The duo is on a virtual constant-tour, and is ready to take the show wherever it is invited to in the area. For more information, and, to check out this warm hearted project, you can visit their official page at :


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