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Saturday, February 25, 2012

MC Sykosis - Alex Pauken VS The World

Year : 2012
Genre : Hip Hop Nerdcore
Label : Independent
Origin : United States
Official Site : > - here - <

MC Sykosis transmits his nerdcore take on hip hop from the gloomy ghettos of Maumee, Ohio. His full length debut, titled Alex Pauken VS The World is a rather brave-, I dare say intact one at that, as the audio data on this album is both unusually heavy, and encompasses a wide array of hip hop rhetorics - including among those a type of experimental style that on spot might be regarded as MC Sykosis' trademark contribution to recent day nerdcore standards. These three notions of the heavy sound, the well varied hip hop rhetorics, the experimental tint are all aspects and related directions the album is ready to reveal something of its true character along, and it takes either a very bitter soul or an incomprehensibly fat butt to remain still and steady while this spin draws an impression of itself in you. Read on to find out more about the primordial qualities of this slick nerdcore debut.

The LP is entirely self produced and self mastered by its creator, and I personally have the hunch that eleven out of ten renowned music producers would have been afraid of the musical vision that MC Sykosis have created instead of (just) terrifying others by talking about it. As hinted, the delivery is extremely heavy sounding, and this of course is not the result of the timber of the instruments the tracks tend to rely on, although there are two guitar-centric pieces seeking to flatter - efficiently - brisk-, early hardcore traditions.

MC Sykosis, as you would expect from a proper nerd with an agenda of obligatory Cosmic Domination, is immensely and compulsively fixated on distortion and deliberately insane levels of heavy duty effect wizardry, yet, thank God & Co., he also keeps a sober set of ears on the health and integrity of the musical pattern that he is on the trail of. The pattern is sacred on the debut, so my relief is intact. As result of these two ubiquitous tendencies of sheer sonic aggression limited by a uncompromising leash, the musical environments-, the musical messages always are revealed with ripe definition, only - "only", hah! - they are written with huge letters all the time. Though pretty much all the sounds are wet or distorted - or both - the respective functions of the instruments and samples are treated with rigor and a notable sense on how and when to limit them. There are less amount of effects used on MC Sykosis' vocal pipes, and it sounds to me there are tracks in which his rapping virtually is untouched.

The debut strolls around a flamboyantly created palette of musical moods, in which the common denominator is an affection for the mid-tempo, spiced up in the middle of the album with a couple of tracks with more hefty of a temper to them, reeking the spiritual raw charisma of the amen break and the counter-espionage gangsta hip hop vibe that compliments the natural flow of events rather efficiently.

The experimental leanings of the delivery is notable through MC Sykosis' enthusiastic propensity to trade in one pleasant musical environment for another without any warning whatsoever, which, to my personal knowledge, is a rarity in hop hop. As such, it should be regarded as a significant trait that this debut is ready and able to present. MC Sykosis is not afraid to embark on a hunt for the easily accessible hook, either, or, to sell the listener shamelessly - which is a good thing - on orthodox chord passages with clever complementary melodies and various sonic entities that flatter the structures quite - uhm - emine(m)(n)tly.

The album is a safe recommendation not only for the hip hop enthusiast, but for anyone who is curious about musical environments with extremely thick and volumetric sounds parked in them. Nerdcore for sure, and pretty hip of it. Hop to the site, and nerdify!

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