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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Dive - The Dive review

Year : 2011
Genre : Psychedelic Stoner Rock
Label : Independent
Origin : Greece
Rating : 8.0 / 10

Greek formation The Dive delivers a self titled monster length that reeks the rampant affection for all things rooted in 69. Give me Woodstock, give me fractal patterns, give me Timothy Leary on a pointlessly large projection device and let's hear how he summarizes and deciphers the reality flow.

The Dive brings you the music that originates from the same character as the music of Jimmy Hendrix is originating from, yet this band shows considerable attentiveness towards the parts of you that are more fond of zoned out/zoned in consciousness exploration, resulting in an aural data flow that has a ripe, peaceful and chilling demeanor as its ultimate face. This does not at all mean that The Dive refrains from assaulting the strings and drums nice and proper on occasions. Intensity IS part of the flow here, yet this intensity is a calm one, too. It addresses the qualities of a raging gas giant, but - fortunately - never the qualities of an incoming cosmic body with mind parasites on board. The Dive utilizes a very elegant and merciful method to create efficient patterns at will that do bring mere time to a still, and they always release you, the listener back into time - fuck - in a sane way. This is successful still music, because it - fortunately enough - wants to be that. Read on to find out more about its main operations, or Plan 9 from Outer Place will commence. It is an actual song title from the record by the way, and also is a retro science fiction film the creators of the record likely dare you to seek for.

The Dive offers a very clever method to zone the listener out, regardless of consent. The basis of the revealed sonic fabrics tend to sound like an efficient start sequence of a more freely positioned riff to ensue, yet, instead of forcing your awareness to catch up to what it thought it will need to catch up to, it gets the mercy, because this "start grid" restarts, and your awareness is sitting in it once again, yet the surroundings - along with the experience - have been adjusted, and you are defined as the enjoyer before you even know it. This technique of expressing the actual statements on top of self-repeating sonic entities of simplistic but legitimate beauty, is key element on this record. The Dive, thank the cosmos for that, not once - nor more times, smartyfartsy - commits the act of self indulgent behavior, and a variation or a sane derivation from the original pattern always reigns stationary nearby, stirring the flux in a gentle-, or, sometimes, in a more pronounced manner from time to time.

The record shows a peaceful and LIVELY face, which is especially interesting to watch, considering the sound character of the release. The roar of the band does sound like that of a good old "let's shatter this puny soul to microshards" doom metal squad, but they choose to articulate majestic statements, instead of formulating the guaranteed promise of impending doom. Even when The Dive gets angry, it is evident that it is just for the fun. You are witnessing a giant entertaining you and itself, and it does not want to harm anything, though it could crush everything it chooses to. But it chooses NOT to, and this is one of the most relevant beauty factors of the record. Funnily enough, the basic vibe this release communicates along, shows similarities with Yob's Atma, but, while the doom metal formation concentrates on the negativistic potentialities of the experience flow, The Dive threads along the neutral and positive interpretation fields, but a very important clarification needs to be made. The Dive is not at all a sonic rendition of an escapist point of view into a reality that serves anything and everything you need to feel yourself comfy in. No. Yob and The Dive and the listener are all aboard the same spaceship into a - uuuuh - mystery, but the Yob dudes anticipate a shitstorm - if anything - to follow up, - and suggest that a proper living being opens its mouth in it - while The Dive dudes anticipate anything else to follow up. Each is a legitimate stance. You, as the listener, either need to take a position yourself, or you can refrain from it, and rightfully so, once you make sure you are the one who missed the spaceship.

Rating : 8.0 / 10

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