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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sienná - Q.o.S review

Year : 2017
Genre : Chillout with a Soft Psychedelic tint
Label : Anneis Records 3H50002
Origin : Norway
Official site: > - here - <

Sienná's latest full length effort Q.o.S - the "S" is reverSe - brings deeply contemplative and reverberating pulsations along a chilled demeanor.

Clocking in around the 40 minutes mark, the spin values content quality over content quantity, dressing the experience up into an especially well-varied set of musical rhetorics that give apt opportunities for the artist to paint full fledged-, and quite imaginative visions on.

You'll never know what Sienná is up to, as your host is skilled enough at sound wizardry to maintain you curiosity via exercising the full-value right to administer surprises with considerable frequency, coming to you in the forms of soulfully sculpted-out sonic elements that constantly share the optimums of clear thought and playful-, albeit smartly channeled elegance. Read on to know more. 

As hinted, the album has quite a well-varied characterology, as Sienná is as interested in exploring the mere anatomies of sounds as she is equally intent at courting easily approachable rhythms that show little-, to no interest whatsoever at declaring any wars beyond mid-tempo. Sienná is out to affect you by digging deep, and heft is not a tool she shows interest in. The name of the prime game is a massively relentless fascination cultivated and expressed towards oriental-, and even fragile doom/pink psychedelia flavors, yet these thrillingly stimulating tendencies are not over-abundant or tolled to death and beyond by any stretch of the imagination, they rather serve as a base ground of operations the artist is prone to touch back upon the completion of yet another successful auditory experiment taking you wherever Sienná deems worthy taking you to.

A keen respect towards the offered sound is gratefully observable: the disc takes no part whatsoever in the loudness fixation paradigm, instead, the creative conduct on display honors the value and intrigue obtainable from the mere phenomenon of dynamics. A tasteful interest in monolithic sounds is present, yet this mere tendency is prevented from getting in the way of the aforementioned thought of the clarity, that which always demands relevant emotional/melodic statements to be made, and Sienná showcases apt readiness to form these fragments into flows that indeed demand immediate revisits even upon their very creation. During these more free-spirited efforts, - which oftentimes are solely devoid of full-fledged indicators of rhythm - are the definite peak moments of the overall experience, and are prone to yield results that will literally take you to such intriguing inner places that you will give the thumbs up for the artist for pointing their existence out, giving you a lantern in the process, as well.

As a deeply experimental and unusually diverse disc of optimally odd yet irrefutable ingredients, Sienná's latest effort brings a unique musical identity, and a whole lot to soak some ears into. Courtesy of Sienná's outright irrefutable talent at revealing patterns that can not be satiated with anything less than submitting your full attention to them, the album is an immediate recommendation even for the seasoned music aficionado.

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