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Monday, April 11, 2016

Pia Dean - Gone feat Scarlet Cox (EDM Remix) review

The EDM Remix of Pia Dean's "Gone", featuring Scarlet Cox, is a beefy, well sculpted dance statement of the morose-, contemplative character. One of those songs that openly aim to get you through an ex (or two), only, not metaphorically.

The smartly sculpted intro generates sufficient amount of excitement as to be able to introduce the main theme with efficient elegance. The pulsation is stable, and not in any particular hurry to deviate from the gravitational pull of the central groove and the base harmonies. The visited sonic domains are doubtless familiar, yet reign timeless with their charms, and are both quick and gentle in their willingness to showcase their full value anatomy.

The sample selection reflects a deep-, well-founded appreciation for the ear-candies of the '90s, - which many hold as a mythic time for dance music - while the cherry on top, fortunately, is Scarlet Cox's first-class singing, as the performer in question exhibits a superb command of her pipes as they are about to reflect on a relationship in which damage was both absorbed and administered. If it never hurts, then you either have no ego, or, your ex is doing it wrong.

A safe recommendation if you are looking for music that seeks to put you into the popularly acceptable chill mood, yet it doubtless stimulates receptors with eloquent singing.

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