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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Five Townz - Mama Told Me Not To Come track review

The track "Mama Told Me Not To Come" summons a tasteful narrative coalition of Timothy Leary-era soft rock psychedelia and golden era Beatles, although I can image that there are sentient beings AND Beatles aficionados fervent enough to question the implication that the Beatles had anything else than a prolonged golden era. Not too hard to have JUST that when you and Ringo are on so much LSD that you need to maneuver him off the ceiling using butterfly catchers. Five Townz's music is re-invigorated retroid viscera, realized with particularly efficient vocal performances and highly tolerable glam rock affectations. They never go "Elton, you are embarrASSing yourself", while the lead singer is capable to belt out so convincing and powerful - well - melodic jells that enjoy instant approval from mid range master shouters like "teh" Butch Balich or the Peter Steele. '70s playful psychedelic viscera, realized with recent production standards. An immediate recommendation for your listening pleasure. Check out the band at their official Facebook here.

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