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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

VITNE - Neon review

Year : 2013
Genre : Glam Metal
Origin : Norway / United States
Official site : > - here - <

VITNE is a solo artist with considerable experience under his belt both as a frontman of the Norwegian hair metal act "SEKS", and as an enthusiastic popculture-aspirant who is admittedly fascinated by the mere idea behind the aesthetics of American glam. He does not want Dave Mustaine's take on it, see "History of Metal" on YouTube, I'd link you in, but there are multiple episodes, and the Glam Gods demand you watch all of them.

The sub-genre surely is on the rise again courtesy of such acts as the masterfully produced, performed and marketed Steel Panther, taking the fray up to the point of full fledged verbal tit metal. This release is more orthodox and vintage in its ambitions, and this commitment is reflected on the reviewed disc with hefty organic air-pumping iron fist pink panties power, - this is the way it is done proper, if you wonder - and the spin definitely is in a legitimate position to claim optimum similarity level with the pinnacle of the softer side of the genre, as glam metal secretly always stood for promising and delivering spandex pleasantries for neighboring chicks who were excited enough by the binge atmospherics to ravage a night or two through with careful spiritual guidance accessible 24/7. Read on to know more about the disc.

In glam, the chicks are everything, and who could compete with them as desirables? Then comes the songcraft, which ALMOST is everything, - only almost because it is happening for the chicks - and THEN you need to showcase even some more songcraft on the top of the hook you just introduced. This is the reason why the top Aerosmith songs do not even feature verses - the songs are "just" choruses. Vintage Def Leppard is a hook-feast, as well. VITNE's Neon seems and sounds to follow an entirely different and more freely spirited - rebellious?? a tint of punk rock sometimes glints with your sight onthe horizon - template than this, seeking ways to deviate from tradition glam/hair metal routes, concentrating instead on the cultivation of a palpable club-, and live show environment. My personal percept is that the sonic content on the disc is more of a complementary asset with a premiere role to support the spectacle served by the act of the live show itself.

The compositions are inventively airy, not at all too hard or intimidating on your receptors, and it is evident that VITNE does not (yet) plan to make Bruce Dickinson make a run nor to the hills nor for his paycheck -  he - VITNE - delivers legit/orthodox glam lyrical fascinations with a cool rasp in his voice that truly reflects the pulsation of party-reeking nights weighted down by all the meat seduction of the world, and the music indeed submits, and isn't afraid to admit that its premiere agenda is to approach a politely erotic side of glam. This politely erotic side of glam, for the record, never was out of the question in the genre, not even in the golden days of the style. Judas Priest's "Turbo Lover", anyone? Godlike Rob Halford is your Papi, and he approves VITNE's Neon LP wholeheartedly.

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